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Digital Holographic Image Technology is a completely new method in Wellness – Preventive Health Care

A picture can say more than a thousand words


The latest space technology used by Matrix Innovation and the involves the use of digital camera image of a human being or animal to obtain information about the complete spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health status. The individual’s possible pathogenic disharmony, imbalance in the body, the organism, is energetically balanced at a distance through so-called remote control-based Quantum Telemetry. This takes place regardless of where the individual or animal is located on earth.

In the Holographic Universe, there is no place, time, or distance.

Our QUANTUM-based TECHNOLOGY is unique in its kind and consists of 74 categories. Each category contains from 100 – 1000’s of different programs.

Example 1. If you look at Personal Harmonization 2 (figure 2 below), its categories, at the top to the left, we can read: Homeopathic A-G, H-M, N-T, U-Z.

These 4 categories contain 11,500 different herbal homeopathic natural remedies in alphabetical order A-Z.

We have access to the entire Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal plant flora codes in the Akasha’s database.

Example 2. If we look at Personal Harmonization 2 (figure 2), on the right side we see the column Harmonization. This category includes a program called EPI-TMC. This program neutralizes (incapacitates) the spike protein and grapheneoxide in the blood of those vaccinated against Covid-19. These two dangerous substances have so far caused several sequelae and deaths.

Example 3. Let’s say we have “liver problems”, we can through the holographic image (digital photo) of ourselves (see Personal Harmonization 1 and 2) go to the original source “AKASHA ARCHIVE” in 5D (The Universe – Hyperspace Super Database) and get the original code of the liver, or of our whole being. This applies to the invisible (unknown, unperceivable part) or the visible (known, perceivable part) of our being, i.e., all the original codes that make up our multidimensional/multistructural diversity of our natural essence.

These can be read (analyzed) and healed (cured) without the mind-controlled 3D human influence.

Note. No earthly or extraterrestrial being has access to the infinite Akasha’s knowledge bank without Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology.

How does the system work?

We cannot describe the entire system to you in detail, although it is safe. Few people on earth have detailed knowledge related to metaphysics/quantum physics and cosmology.

Our computer system is quantum-connected to a supercomputer. Here all the control data is uploaded. The supercomputer is connected to several backup servers and to the Akasha. For those who don’t know or have heard of the “Akasha”, it is simply a database in which all information is stored.

Our desktop or laptop computer only serves as a keyboard and memory unit so that we can know who we work with in the database and what harmonization we have set for the human individual or animal.

Basic codes sent from the supercomputer to man (the individual), the animals, are pure from all sorts of negative energies or information.

Example 4. If we tune in apple in the database, the supercomputer will go through the whole database in the Akasha to find the best suitable apple of all the thousands of varieties that have been stored in the Akasha’s database since time immemorial. The program is so intelligent that it communicates with you (through your brain) in any language, at your own level of consciousness and with your thoughts. This is difficult for most people to understand.

Also today on the Internet, some “online stores” have uploaded softwares that communicates with you to buy products or services. Here we have, among other things, “Pinterest”. As soon as you search for any product, it will send you several suggestions where you can find the product. This is called “Artificial Intelligence”. In the same way, our harmonization parameters work. Once we have set up all the categories that the individual needs, at 7 different time intervals, daily, every two or three days, when the program is up and running, the program continues to work fully automatically.

This type of healing (energetic regulation) is used by extraterrestrial (entities) beings within the 4D worlds and is called MedBed or MedPod. In a few decades this technology will work unhindered here on Earth.

Currently, Matrix Innovation in the Nordics via the  can offer this service through “annual subscription”.

For health subscriptions, contact Lars Helge Swahn.

Figure 1: Quantum Harmonization, chart 1.

Literally, our “quantum harmonization” means that anyone who is connected via the to the Akasha Archive or has access to the Alkywan-Photon-Sphere-Generator, can “heal himself” from various kinds of problems and become free from the external influences of the mind and senses.

This cannot be achieved through methods known to date.

The key to the “Riddle of Life” we all have within ourselves. Everything hitherto been recorded through our seven senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, intuition, and telepathy, has its original code in the universal record: in the 5DAkasha Archive“.

Figure 2: Quantum Harmonization, chart 2.

More on the quantum universe…

Every single “thought” is recorded holographically in the form of code in the hyperspace database (AKASHA). It is accessible to us to retrieve, recreate, and restructure. We can train our mind and subconscious to see what is, and not what we have hitherto thought is.

An “illusion” is most often perceived as a reality, or fantasy. Everything is based on the viewer’s (individual’s) level of consciousness, thought structure and mind qualities. We can see, perceive, record reality in the same way as our “holographic analyzer” – if we train our inner ability to focus ourselves inwards instead of outwards as we have done so far.

Then we see “Quality” above “Quantity”, and “Value” above “Object”.

If we consider the number 0 – 9 as a “number” instead of a “value”, then we will never understand the diversity of creation.

The number “1” stands for “everythingness” and the number “0” stands for “nothingness”. The number “10” contains the manifested part of all creation, the perceivable mind part and its unmanifested “hidden part” of reality – in the same way as “untruth” or “truth“.

What is untrue to one individual, can be true to another.

Our individual consciousness determines what we see, experience as reality or unreality.

Therefore, neither lie nor truth exists.

Dr Sandor A Markus, Ph.D., MD (MA)
Innovator – Researcher – Mentor

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