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Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO application, a monumental mistake

Fig 1: People ought to seek peace

As we wrote in the book “The Matrix Reality” which was published in 2017, the world does not seem to deviate from the planned guideline of the USA, which they have chosen to follow. To throw the whole world into a degenerative dictatorship with only a few survivors and for a world government under destructive CABAL controlled Draconian influence.

The Swedes, like the Finish people, are fed every day with MSM (mainstream media) lies that control their mindset via mass psychosis. 80% of the country’s people follow the agenda blindly and do not question anything. They are not able to question anything, and they believe that the state knows the best. Such people have not learned the ability to discern, to be able to sift the wheat from the chaff.

80% of the people have already swallowed all the information about how amazing the Corona vaccinations are and that they are vital – for humans. But how many of these 80% have found out about the contents of the Covid-19 vaccines. Or their side effects, despite warnings from hundreds of serious researchers who do not go about state affairs or can be bought for money by Big Pharma. Do the vaccinated have any idea of how many thousands of people have died from vaccination injuries or suffered their side effects?

And this is just the beginning of the misery. Vaccinations continue to return in the autumn under a new guise or through the presentation of a new virus.

Although no government or health authority has officially approved the vaccines, the authorities concerned continue to force people to get vaccinated through threats and other forms of economic and social pressure. This is a crime and violates all cosmic and human laws from both an ethical and moral standpoint.

Ethics: how we think and Morality: how to act.

At the same time with intimidation propaganda and threats, these authorities are trying to get people to obey their fabricated stories and laws.

We have learned that the gas of life, carbon dioxide, i.e., “CO2” is harmful and controls the climate with enormous warming as a result. No independent experiment supports this hypothesis, which has now become the “truth” of all those who are allowed to speak. People without political, economic, or scientific authority who are not bought by the CABAL such as Elsa Widding and Lars Bern who are scientifically educated for real – aren’t allowed to the scene.

Man of today has a poor education about life sciences, human sciences. She has no idea of how her body and organism work. You can compare it to a house in which you live and you know nothing about how things work in the house.

Man eats a poor diet, never thinks about the meaning of life, and is completely aligned with what is now happening in society.

We have now entered a New Age and only those people who have evolved from the previous stage can remain in the new one. Exactly these 80%, i.e., the conformist people with the conformist mind, which are completely aligned with everything that is said in the media, which is dictated there, are precisely the people who cannot remain on the planet. These have already taken the first steps for their own destruction… how can that be?

Everything is written in the book “The Matrix Reality“.

We are now to be drilled through the media to “hate” the Russians. We must do this without questioning anything, just because our shepherds claim so.

Vladimir Putin has not been allowed to speak fairly in the Western media, although he has given a 28-minute speech on why he entered Donbass and Luhansk. It is clear he feels that his country Russia is threatened by the West to the extent that if the process progresses further in the Western world, Russia will cease to be a country.

We in the West should certainly not be informed about this, nor about how the United States, with NATO as a tool, is gradually working its way forward to provoke a conflict with e.g., Russia. This could result in a 3rd World War with far-reaching consequences for the whole world, not the least for the United States and NATO allies.

Fig 2: The NATO flag

Along the way, the United States and NATO have launched wars in close proximity to Russia:

As soon as war breaks out somewhere on the planet, the United States is involved in one way or another. If we look back in time, then we can see how many threats and wars the United States has created in the world.

Imagine the situation where you are Vladimir Putin and must protect your country, Russia, and you look at the course of events that has taken place so far. How the USA, NATO and their allies just push on, round up and now are working at the borders to work their way into Russia itself, and that you as a Swedish citizen should get the necessary brainwashing to think it’s perfectly OK and that the obvious villain in the drama is no one else but Vladimir Putin.

How have the Swede and other people come to this conclusion – all for conflict, where they are completely clueless about the consequences? They have been prepared in steps to get this mindset via MSM (mainstream media), which unscrupulous politicians and decision-makers claim is the truth. New laws also don’t give Swedes any room for their own thoughts. The Swede is now brainwashed, vaccinated with genetically modified substances where built-in control (control via chip) can be used for linear thinking in exactly the direction the state wants. You can now mass eradicate people with covid and other types of injections that are planned. We completely accept this. We have also had a huge number of immigrants with other worldviews gathered in the country, and with the highest tax burden in the world, where all opinions are dictated to us, where we must line up to have a friction-free life.

Some politicians at the national level want to add another 30 million immigrants here.

But now the noose is tightened. Everything is ready. As I said, if the Swedish police system isn’t enough rough-mannered to be able to beat well-behaved Swedes, tax-paying Swedes who have confidence in the country, then another type of police must handle this – a Gestapo-like police with perhaps the EU symbol. Such police can soon be put in place with the help of NATO.

Do you think NATO exists to protect its member states?

Do you seriously believe this?

You see what the organization has done, how many wars the organization is involved in. And now we in Sweden believe that the organization can protect us, guaranteed protection. BUT where the United States and NATO are, there is only misery and devastation.

The average Swede knows nothing about the forces that sustain this organization. They do not know why the organization exists and for what purpose.

We can convey this once more.

The Globalist regime that now operates throughout the Western world and the Eastern world, without any real exceptions, is not there to protect any country or ethnic group. The power and control behind NATO also existed behind the Warsaw Pact, and everything is staged from a higher level than the Globalists.

Globalists are the grassroots tool that handles and performs all this work without knowing where their control comes from. All wars are planned in advance and exist only to create a worldwide dictatorship “A New World Order” which is now to be realized. The planning is complete, and everything is now carried out to the letter. If you think we need NATO to be able to protect ourselves from Russia or China, you are completely wrong. All war organizations work together because the force behind them is the same.

In fact, this force exists within all of us humans in our subconscious to varying degrees. In some to a greater degree and in some to a lesser degree. That is why people more or less like such “aid” organizations as NATO.

The power behind it is so ingenious that in order to solve the dilemma, you have to solve the dilemma with yourself. We must all free ourselves from the structures of energy and information that exist within us that are linked to this destructive force. It is not easy – and only a few have figured out how to do. If we do not solve these own problems, then there is only conflict and war as a future for us with total dictatorship and extinction.

Our organization: The International Academy of Global Human Culture (AIC) has been working since the 1990s to emancipate people from their own destructive thoughts and feelings. But man does not want to engage in his problems that they have consciously or unconsciously created for themselves. They are waiting for some messiah, alien, politician, or technical aid to solve their own problems.

Once our inner destructive information structures have been worked off, we have no links to war organizations. If people have connections to these own destructive structures, we have conflicts and wars. If one does not create peace within oneself, one cannot expect peace on earth.

Since all war organizations and diabolical structures work synchronously, it is obvious that these organizations don’t fight each other completely, at least not to begin with. It is impossible. To begin with, there is some cooperation. Have you ever thought about why the world arms dealers aren’t at war with each other? Shouldn’t they fight each other for market shares – like all other companies.

In fact, the whole market is settled so that everything runs smoothly. All these actors profit from war. Speak evil of a head of state, of a country, spread untruths, start wars, destroy the country, then go in with loans to rebuild the country with your own companies. When the country cannot pay the loans for the construction of infrastructure, the country is taken over in a “legal way”. The land and its natural resources are stolen as compensation for the loans granted, which cannot be paid. This has happened countless times. More and more countries are included for the Globalists, like an amoeba that never gets enough. As people cannot see through this, this can happen right in front of their eyes – because no one can be so deep-laid evil… or?

Each nation must be broken in a specific way, and these are calculated in detail. The Swedes are “kind to the brink of stupidity” and want to help all the people of the world, “as the conscience of the world”, so we have got 2 million immigrants. We are to think that it is perfectly ok with maybe 30 million more. We happily destroy our culture, our ethics and morals and ourselves. We sacrifice everything with our qualified “kindness to the brink of stupidity”. We also want to protect all the less well-off in society, so we think it is perfectly ok to have the highest taxes in the world. The taxes that are now going to strengthen the state against its citizens, so that we can also stage and incorporate even more into the global dictatorship. With the help of these funds, the state can really nail every Swede with limitless means. We have a school in decay with now only pk information, hardly any truth or knowledge; we have a care and nursing that is constantly getting worse.

Now at the Swedish state care telephone number “1177” there is only talk of corona, corona vaccinations and vaccine passports. People today also don’t receive real help from 1177. Care today is either passive or active euthanasia. Only bone fractures must be tried to do something about, because it becomes too obvious that the care fails if we do not nail the bone pipes together. Preventive care does not exist. Law enforcement is powerless today as we have about 140 parallel societies with also sharia laws in the country of Sweden.

These immigrant groups have nothing left for Swedish traditions or thinking, and their clan thinking rules.

Our law enforcement cannot possibly take care of this, as the Swedish police first and foremost consist of polite and kind police with no laws to allow them to intervene.

To degenerate the Swede further, it is necessary with laws that give us nutrient-poor GMO food and allopathic (synthetic) school medicines.

The state bans natural medicines, sprays the atmosphere that makes the air unhealthy. The inhaled air on earth normally needs to contain 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 0,9 % argon and other trace gases.

Later measurements have shown that our inhaled air has significantly deteriorated due to Chemtrails (polluting chemicals).

Special types of aircrafts annually spray tons of chemicals into the air throughout the world, especially over big cities. The chemicals consist of harmful nanoparticles of alumina, strontium, barium, arsenic, lead, mycoplasma, etc. The main content is aluminum and barium. Due to these two substances, our inhaled air has significantly deteriorated.

If the oxygen content of the air is decreased, the number of asthmatics will increase significantly. The heart, the brain, the cells will suffer from hypoxia. The result is tissue death due to poisoning of oxidants, waste products.

Chemtrails also contribute to toxic water, destroyed soils and toxic food.

All this to weaken the enemy, which I think you have understood now who it is. The enemy is man himself. Man is to be annihilated, killed, poisoned, and disappear from the face of the earth by all available means. Everything is so deep-laid that you cannot imagine it.

Everything is written in the book “The Matrix Reality” – which the Globalists don’t want us to read, as its contents of “conspiracy theories” – but which are all now coming true – because all this we describe in the book is happening right now but was published in 2017. Before that, we have communicated the contents via seminars, but the average man with his sheep mentality hasn’t yet understood what is going on.

NATO’s mission:

To incorporate the country Sweden into the Globalist Agenda, as a dictatorially ruled country, with rough-mannered law enforcement. The new police officers must be vaccinated, chipped, have a controlled mood and do exactly what Globalism advocates, i.e., force people to commit suicide or otherwise kill them. OK .. it became too hard to read this huh! – but it’s happening now. If you choose to close your eyes to it, you are in trouble – just so you know.

As a first taste of the NATO misery, as our infrastructure is so deficient and damaged, with substandard maintenance, service, etc., it is important to destroy it. To also destroy all opportunities to survive after the first “so-called” attacks.

All food stocks must be destroyed, all seeds (it is happening now – especially in some countries), everything must become toxic – and with your brainwashing, who are you to blame? – the Russians of course… Putin prices, all conspiracy theories come from Russia .. etc .. etc .. or? So, we must join NATO.

Do you think you can get a referendum on NATO membership in Sweden, Finland or anywhere else in the world: answer: – NO!

Why not? If there were to be a referendum just to “prove” to the Swedish people that they really have great support for NATO in the country, then you should know that this referendum is rigged, manipulated like any other election.

Josef Stalin is said to have said. It is not those who vote who decide who comes to power – but the one who counts the votes. And if we in Sweden are to be allowed to vote with Bank ID, the elections will be even more secure… or?

People haven’t learned and therefore they need a lesson.

They need to have their houses taken by the banks, or bombed, they need to be poisoned, eat uneatable food, drink toxic water, breathe toxic air… and if that is not enough, they should be vaccinated with genetically modified substances that change their genome to the point that if this was their normal predisposition, they would already have been aborted as miscarriages… but people agree to all this. In addition to the genetic modification, there are incorporated structures, chips, organic compounds that either kill directly or can be programmed for various purposes. It is important to be able to control the human state of mind to the maximum.

We know that only few people will survive what is happening now… some will do it – but we have big chaos ahead of us.

Because of that, you need to read our books; “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness“, to wake up from your Sleeping Beauty sleep – to discover and see what forces are behind the scenes that stage everything. You also need to read “The Matrix Reality” and maybe even “The Free Human Being“.

You need to start working off your acquired experience structures that the Globalists are now manipulating to the maximum, which means that they control you up to 100%. Don’t be a programmed robot but instead become a free human being where you have expanded your consciousness to a 5D Super Consciousness, so you won’t fall into the traps that are now being pushed.

What you need to do:

  1. Start training to a higher quality 5D Soul Consciousness.
  2. Grow as much food as you can at home in the yard or garden.
  3. Join “Communities” and cultivate and build collaboration structures.
  4. Secure water, food and live in the countryside.
  5. Use natural remedies, natural medicine, alternative medicine, and frequency – scalar wave therapies.
  6. Start barter as a complement to other means of payment.
  7. In steps, turn the school teachings to real knowledge for life.
  8. Introduce truthful schooling.
  9. Build structures for the manufacture of various aids, electronics, facilities needed for society to function without friction.

Namely, we will have to rebuild our society after all this chaos that has already started.

All irregularities and flaws within us must be worked off. Everything here on earth will now be adapted to the New Age – the “Golden Age” that we have already entered. Either we will remain as pure individuals with higher consciousness, or we will continue our existence elsewhere.

If you are to be part of the New Age here on Earth, you need to act and improve your health and raise your consciousness to a higher qualitative (soul-related) 5D level of consciousness. To accelerate your evolvement, we have created the CelesteMethod®.

USA involvement in regime change and wars

Vladimir Putin asks very important questions, but is there anyone from the West who answers him? Here are some questions he is asking:

  1. Are there sanctions against Israel for the murder and destruction of innocent Palestinian women and children?
  2. Are there sanctions against America for killing innocent women and children in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam and even for stealing their diamonds and gold?
  3. Were there sanctions against the United States and France for the killing of Muammar Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya?
  4. Has an American or NATO soldier ever been punished for raping and torturing innocent women and children from all the countries mentioned?
  5. Are there sanctions against France for causing crises and unrest in several African countries? These are many war crimes America and NATO must be held accountable for and punished for.

Perhaps it is time to understand that NATO, the United States and all its allies are the most dangerous enemies of our time, so that we can change the balance of power in the world and ensure that everyone has equal rights and stop the oppressors.

//Dr. Sandor A Markus, PHD., MD (MA) – UNIFIER
//Lars Helge Swahn M.Sc.