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Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus stands on the globe. In his right hand he holds a roll of papyrus. The origin of man is written on the papyrus roll. On the right side of Hermes we can see the Hermes or Caduceus staff, around which two snakes meander, one White and one Black snake. The white snake (Pingala) symbolizes the parasympathetic nervous system in the human body and the black snake (Ida) symbolizes the sympathetic nervous system. The staff itself symbolizes the kundalini force (Sushumna), the life force, the scalar energy in the spinal canal which is connected to the cerebral cortex. Where the snakes cross the staff, six energy vortices (shakras) are formed. The head of the black snake is connected to the left hemisphere and the head of the white snake to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere symbolizes the MIND – INTELLECT (Moon Energy) and the right hemisphere symbolizes the SOUL – WISDOM (Solar Energy). When these two forces are united into one UNITY, then man is in complete balance and is one with the source of creation.

On the ground in front of the Caduceus staff are two wicker baskets of reeds. These baskets are filled with the original natural fruits and vegetables, from which the enlightened, harmonious man feeds.

When the SOUL and MIND are separated and the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems in the body are out of balance, then man is disharmonious, sick and unhappy. It suffers from mental, emotional and biological problems of various kinds.

When the SOUL and MIND are united into a UNITY – WHOLE then man is in a complete BALANCE – HARMONY.

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