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Matrix Innovation & AIC in Sweden is a leader in Scalar Wave Medical Analysis and Therapy Program

Scalar wave medicine that we apply within Matrix Innovation and AIC, transmits medicines and therapy effects wirelessly to clients (humans) regardless of distance.

Pain is relieved, illness disappears, well-being increases. There are no side effects.

We are in a completely new paradigm (changed thought structure) when it comes to different kinds of therapies and medication. Our medications, therapies and herbal medicines take place via information transmission of magnetic scalar waves, regardless of distance. We do not have to meet the individual in person. We can make a complete analysis and revitalization at a distance to the individual regardless of where he or she is in the world. Matrix Innovation also has access to a Scalar Wave Laboratory.

Scalar wave medicine is tomorrow’s medicine without any side effects.

As many of you already know, Matrix Innovation and AIC’s Scalar Wave-based Cell Radio Program is leading when it comes to inner resource and health development as a whole.

The prerequisite for a change in society, in the world, is that we humans are willing to change ourselves. This has so far not worked in practice since people mostly are unwilling to change themselves.

We must for real begin to consciously deal with our erroneous thoughts (data bugs) that create for us anxiety, fears, stress and problems of various kinds.

These bugs are reflected in our thought structure which in turn affects our health, our well-being and our daily lives. We must realize that neither politicians, government officials, decision-makers, philosophers, doctors, psychologists nor any extraterrestrial being can or will solve the individual’s or earthly man’s collective problems that they have created for themselves, been involved in because of ignorance, naivety, disobedience or lack of interest.

We all have an individual and a collective responsibility for what happens or is going on within us and in our society.

No one else can solve our individual situation or problems than ourselves, which we can do with the help of the CelesteMethod® via AIC.

The Covid-19 scenario is a good example that illustrates the majority ‘sheep mentality, lack of interest in own health, well-being and life situation.

PS. It was an American multibillionaire who a few years ago at the age of 45 suffered from stomach cancer. On his deathbed, he uttered the following to a journalist to warn everyone else who is only thinking about money and career. “Had I known what I know today, I would have prioritized my health over career and all the money I have earned through my business. I would give away all my billions if I could keep alive”. He did, however, die, shortly after the interview.

It is time for everyone to take control of their thinking and actions, and accept their individual and collective responsibility and with our help recreate their true identity and their true reality.

We must acknowledge the fact that each of us has contributed to our present life situation on earth because of disobedience and disinterest.

We must learn the technique of how to free ourselves and our planet from disease and suffering.

For the first time in our 26,000-year history and stay here on earth, it is possible for each of us to easily learn the technology and the help that is offered.

Every new Era, every new Age is characterized by new content, new knowledge. Everything that belongs to past ages is obsolete.

Through the CelesteMethod® and the new technology for energy increase through Cell, RNA and DNA regeneration, renewal, we can change our thinking, our health, our life situation for the better.

No one needs to have an academic knowledge or be a trained researcher to understand and be able to use this technology.

The technique is very simple and easy to use regardless of age and quickly results in improvement for most practitioners.

This technology together with our Scalar wave Quantum Generator makes it possible for us to enjoy and live a healthier and worry-free life, regardless of covid-19 or other scenarios that we will face the next coming five years.

What is required by us individually and collectively to be able to achieve this?

It is required by us to apply the following five-point programs:

  1. Intention – We need to be clear about what we want to do, achieve.
  2. Will – to carry out what we have thought.
  3. Conviction – having the confidence that we will succeed in what we want to achieve regardless of what is happening around us.
  4. Focus – to have 100% focus on the goal in the forehead region of what we want to do, achieve. Not to let unimportant, disturbing thoughts and feelings affect us, mislead us, disturb us in what we want to realize.
  5. Commitment, action – that we are fully committed to achieving the goal.

Without these five points, no one can achieve the expected result.

We have already noticed this in some when it comes to scalar wave technology.

Maybe you believe that the help we offer via scalar wave technology will solve your mental, emotional and biological problems of various kinds, without your own participation. This isn’t about any kind of new magic or sorcery that we are dealing with. It is about a completely new way of thinking and a new consciousness in a new age according to the CelesteMethod®, and a side-effect-free action program for better health and well-being.

We have previously described e.g. in our literature: “Learn the Secret Behind Your Health(this book is not translated to English yet) – how to achieve mental, emotional and physical well-being with the CelesteMethod®. The book was published in 2005 by Matrix Innovation in Rättvik, Sweden (in Swedish).

On page 50 we can read the following quotes:

In order to achieve better health and well-being, we must take into account three factors which are heritage, surroundings and way of life.

We are the result of our heritage, surroundings and way of life. Applied to each individual, her current health or illness is a direct result of her hereditary predisposition and the environment in which she is staying and which affects her. The inheritance is constant and affects us from birth to date. We can only affect our heritage if we change, restructure the disharmonious pathogens, disease-causing bugs, the frequencies stored in our DNA, our structure (matrix) in the form of information. These pathogenic, alien bugs (energies) are the direct causes behind our mental (thought-related), emotion-related and physical problems of various kinds.

It takes a new way of thinking to be able to achieve good health, good well-being.

It does not matter at all which therapies man uses if man lacks knowledge of the whole about himself and his body composition, condition.

If you cannot fully master a music instrument, you will never become a good musician.

The same law applies to our health, our well-being.

There are many who engage in health care and wellness in various contexts, without having any in-depth knowledge or understanding of the human being as a whole. If we do not know ourselves, our inner possibilities and resources, then how could we help others? If we have not learned to swim, how can we save someone else who is about to drown?

Many in NewAge circles believe, claim and hope that there will be a kind of ascension to a whole new world, consciousness, spiritual state, without the individual participating.

These people will be deeply disappointed when they discover that their dreams, beliefs or fantasies are not coming true.

It is not possible to just linger and discuss a problem if you don’t do anything about it.

The same is true for the religious clergy who have been misled by an equally deceived clergy to believe in a God, Jesus, or any higher power outside of themselves.

Christ said: you are all gods. He also said: seek the truth within you and the truth will set you free.

We from the AIC offer you a rescue plan that is individually adapted.

The choice is in your hands.

Dr. Sandor A Markus, Ph.D., MD (MA)
Researcher – Author

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PS. We would like to draw your attention to the two books that deal with the problems that are going on all over the world today and concern our health. These two books are the The Free Human Being and The Matrix Reality.

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