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More teachers than students?

We are living in a time of awakening, which means that we have passed a period of about 26000 years. This has also been confirmed in the Mayan Calendar and similar prophesies. We have finished a period of involution i.e. the exploration of matter, form. We have learned everything that is possible in this three-dimensional material world.

Now in the coming era, we should learn to understand the causal connection which lies beyond. Not that there are x number of plants and animals, and that there are humans with different thoughts and feelings – but why it is so? We have never had it properly explained, since this knowledge has been concealed from humanity as a whole. Only some people in so called mystery schools (esoteric schools) have had this opportunity to get this kind of knowledge. Now for the first time in the history, it’s possible for everyone to get this knowledge. At the same time our planet is entering a new phase of development. This implies an increase in frequencies, of the the brain and in the entire organism.

The frequency increase affects mental, emotional and biological aspects of the human being as a whole. We will gradually come to understand and experience more and more of this world that has been concealed from us. We don’t have to focus on this three-dimensional world, but rather we can open up and perceptive information from the fourth dimension, instead from just the third. We will come to experience completely new things. We will enter a field that so far has been closed for us. Our relatives and other human species are living in this field. This world is as natural as our own world, but so far we haven’t had the opportunity to see, study and receive informed from and about it. People will start to wake up and experience things that they don’t know what they are. Some people will hear voices and not related to drug abuse. These voices will tell certain things. One might see and experience light beings. One might see for instance extraterrestrial intelligences or UFOs, not perceived by the physical eyes but intuitively or by telepathy. We will start to hear, see and experience things that we have difficulties to interpret. This is very individual. Here we also have near death experiences which many of you have had, watched on TV or come across in mass media. It’s people who have died and left their physical body and been away for a while, spanning from minutes up to an hour or more. Later they return and tell about their experiences.

Everyone that has experienced this parallel world, universe, has told his/her own experience completely different from others. When they return to this physical world they want to communicate to others and write books, chat and inform others. They think their experience is the only real for all people, the absolute truth: “this is how the fourth dimension works”, “so is the parallel world working” etc. We don’t realize they are all individual experiences. We only experience what concerns ourselves, and is meant for the individual to receive. Others experience different things. If we are religious and believe in e.g. Jesus, then in many cases a light being might appear that tells he is Jesus. The individual then believes he was in contact with Jesus, who walked upon earth 2000 years ago. Or we can experience Moses if we in a past life have been incarnated in Israel, or if we in this life confess to Judaism. It is the same with Muhammad, Buddha etc. These experiences deal with us individually. It will result in a whole “jungle” of experiences, and everyone seeks to claim his/her own experience to be the only true one. Under such circumstances it’s very hard for people to understand what it’s all about. It’s therefore tremendously important that they contact us and study the wholeness education that we have. Here one can learn about how the fourth and fifth dimensions work and how the creation behind the manifestation works. We give an overall picture of the creation, and then one will understand the own experience and others’. This is the only way. Otherwise turmoil will be the result.

Imagine when people, maybe ten or hundred thousand, or one billion people have experienced things. Many want to write books and try to debate and discuss what’s right and what’s wrong, and who is right and who is wrong. Then we’ll never reach the core and the source of truth. Therefore it’s important that we study under a genuine master who has all this knowledge. Then we’ll understand life in its entirety and our own and others’ experiences.

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