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The appearance of the Unifier in the North

Sandor A Markus Autobiography (Part 2 of 7)

After several years of searching for a true Master Teacher, I came in contact with the Holy Grail Order. Elisabeth Ståhlgren, who by profession was a teacher at a university in Stockholm during 1950-60s, was its leader, the head of the Holy Grail Order.

The Holy Grail Order had three levels of initiation.

To the third level you were first initiated after many years of selfless service, work, development and dedication.

I met Elisabeth Ståhlgren when I was 21 years old. She identified me as the next leader of the Holy Grail Order. After only a few months she initiated me into the highest level. I became her crown prince and was appointed her successor.

There was considerable disappointment for her when I a few years later left the Holy Grail order. I had to stay neutral and not belong to or dedicate myself to any religious organization, mystery school or sect. My next task demanded of me to keep myself neutral.

Elisabeth Ståhlgren died in the early 1970s, and the Holy Grail Order was dissolved. Before that, she wrote three books published in Swedish. One of these was “The Interpretation of John’s Revelation”.

In “The Interpretation of John’s Revelation” chapter 19, page 158, authored by Elisabeth Ståhlgren, “Reformförlaget 1968”, Stockholm, Sweden, it was made clear that the Messenger is to come from the Nordic countries.

”The man on the white horse, he who comes as a conqueror, is the man from the North, about whom the seers have been telling for a long time. He will come to introduce the new age for the people of the Earth. He is a being belonging to higher worlds, but with experience from the struggles and strife of the lower realm, in which he is an active participant.

His mantle is soaked with the blood of the enemy, and the enemy is Lucifer (Satan) who took abode in the body of the beast. Thus he is one with humankind, its victorious part.”

The man on the white horse, he who comes as a conqueror “is” the teacher of teachers – the herald of the entire World Doctrine. He shall, through his message unite humanity regardless of race, creed, national belonging, sex, color and language.

The unifier out of consciousness is a highly developed spiritual being who has knowledge of the source to the truth, i.e. knows what is right. The Unifier accesses the absolute truth regarding the universe, hyperspace in its entirety.

This time, the Nordic countries are chosen for the appearance of the Unifier.

The compass course is set north for man’s higher quality consciousness development.

The conveyer, messenger of the whole World Doctrine is not a physical person or individual in an earthly sense, but an all-encompassing power, a universal consciousness that dons and incarnates in a three-dimensional physical – biological housing, material body in order to convey this knowledge. The difference between the Unifier and other Master Teachers is that the Unifier is not only equipped with knowledge regarding the Mind World, the explicit, unfolded manifested universe, hyperspace. The Unifier also accesses in its entirety the so-called implicit, folded, unmanifested, spiritual part of creation regarding the First Source, the Central Universe.

The Unifier is born in a simple environment in order to understand all people regardless of race, gender, status, or national origin. The Unifier must be equipped with both spiritual (virtual), mind and sensory (material) consciousness to be able to answer the questions posed to him on the intellectual, material plane.


Earth is a classroom among myriads of classrooms in the universe, hyperspace, for people of different consciousness levels.

The “white horse” mentioned in the book of John’s Revelation, symbolizes the purity of the Unifier, Teacher, from the lower qualitative draconian, negative mind energy influence.

The Unifier does not let himself be bought for a few pieces of silver. He does not sell his innermost quality (Soul knowledge) for selfishness, vanity, fame, material wealth or honor belonging to the lower qualitative part of the Mind.




Christ said: I am in this world but not of this world.

He clearly stated that he belonged to another world, an out of consciousness non-material higher qualitative world compared to earth, but temporarily donning a three-dimensional body, housing to teach the unconscious earthly man about the law of the cosmos, universe.

Christ said: “the one having the sign on his forehead shall be saved.”

He was referring to those having their consciousness focused in the forehead region, between the eyebrows, in the pineal gland (epiphysis), where the third eye (Tisra Til), the window towards the universe is located, that they will be rescued from the captivity of the Mind Power, Lucifer Power.


The Mind Power has only the ability to control man as long as man’s consciousness is located below the forehead region, in the lower qualitative consciousness levels within the so-called subconscious and waking consciousness (intellectual) field.

In the subconscious are stored all our past experiences that affect our waking conscious desire, thought, feeling and decision. As long as we do not remove these viruses, computer bugs out of our matrix data field, we cannot think, feel and act differently and become free from suffering and problems of various kinds. We cannot be free from negative influence since the Law of Attraction dictates that like attracts like. What we carry within controls consciously or unconsciously our current and future life, our destiny.


When our consciousness is focused in the “third eye” center behind the frontal bone, then we have withdrawn our attention from the lower mind regions (lower energy and consciousness levels) that have kept us imprisoned in the dungeon of lust, egotism, and have created for us suffering and obstacles of various kinds.

My task as a teacher – guide is to make people aware of their inner quality Soul properties, above the external, material, perishable that dominates most people’s lives on Earth. My task is also to help people become free from suffering and problems in this or the next life.

The mission of a cosmic Master Teacher is connected with many kinds of difficulties. It requires a willingness to be ready for action day and night on an inner (subtle) and on an external (material) level, which does not give any kinds of worldly, material benefits.

The Teacher – Guide as well as former known Masters are constantly exposed to misquoting, misinterpretation (misconception), slander, threats, lies, jealousy and persecution by primitive, unconscious, lower qualitative mind power controlled people. The destructive (Satanic) forces see the teacher as a threat for their own existence.

The Draconian Mind Power influences lower qualitative human beings. Some extraterrestrial races use this power to control weak, scared, power seeking and self-seeking people on earth and use them as tools, instruments for their own purposes. It is not a bad thing, but to keep man in the lower qualitative part of the creation.

These controlled people are e.g. fanatics, fundamentalists, sectarians, so-called self-appointed representatives of mass media, public power wielders, criminals, destructive personalities, etc. who out of fear, ignorance, unconsciousness choose to listen to and follow Satan instead of the Unifier.

They do not voluntarily loosen their grip and let go of control over people.

Most of them hide behind religious, philosophical, ideological, occult, professional, intellectual cloaks. They do not want to give up power, possessiveness, greed, selfishness, etc.


Many people want to hold on to the perishable, transitory and restructurable in life. Most of us find it hard to realize that we may actually serve the lower qualitative Mind Power, the degenerative, destructive power, above the Divine Power (higher qualitative) which is necessary for our continued existence and development here on Earth. The way we think, feel and act in various situations characterizes the force that controls our daily lives. Christ put it this way: By their fruits you get to know them.

What we express in the form of thoughts and feelings acts as a boomerang. It always returns to the one throwing it away. The more negativity, destructiveness (hatred, anger, slander, lies) we give out to our surroundings, the more it repercussions on ourselves and society. The society and the world is the sum-total of our thoughts and feelings. We cannot create a haven, peace on earth as long as we do not create peace within ourselves.

Death is no liberation from negative thoughts and emotions that most on earth believe and hope for, but a state that every person confronts between incarnations.

Every human being will come to the heavenly or hellish state after the removal of the physical body (physical death) that the individual in question has created for himself through deeds during his stay in the three-dimensional physical material world. No one can escape his destiny.

It doesn’t matter whatever religious ideology or philosophy we have, or if we can quote Jeshu ben Pandira (Jesus of Nazareth), Buddha, Mohamed or Guru Nanak, unless we practice it in our daily life.

Only theory does not lead to salvation. Death is no liberation from suffering. Death is only a process, a transition from one reality to another state.

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