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Arcturians are the Guardians and Healers of Terra

Figure 1. Arcturian Man and Woman. They have bright bluish appearance.

The Arcturians are our galaxy guardians (protectors) and healers. They help people who want to become free and transcend into the 5D dimension or beyond.

Arcturians help everyone who is interested in their original spiritual development.

Alkywan® Photon Energy is the world’s most intelligent and powerful healing method. This is because it is directly linked to Arcturus’ energy and is the very life energy that all forms of creation within the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and the human kingdom need to exist.

The energy is involved in all natural healing methods.

Here is information that is useful to know.

Arcturians are faintly bluish (light blue) light beings (not like the picture above) who inhabit our Universe (Multiverse). They come from the Arcturus star in the constellation “The Bear Keeper”. Arcturians are 7D in origin but  can also stay in the 5th dimension.

We can perceive them in our 3D world and reality in the form of projection (mirror image).

Awakened Star Seeds can sense their presence in the form of a higher quality – as a loving and harmonious vibration.

The term “Arcturus” is derived from the ancient Greek words ”arktos”, which means bear, and “ouros”, which means guardian.

Arcturians are considered one of the most technologically advanced species in the galaxy. Many Arcturians are very tall, 7 to 8 feet with thin necks and a kind of almond-shaped head. They are very thin overall with long and flexible fingers.

There are several hundreds of them on earth in the form of “soul seeds”, and are mainly engaged in healing activities and leadership. These star seeds are different from the rest of the star seeds. They have the hardest time on earth because of their spiritual superiority, sensitivity, their seeing through of falsehood, manipulation and other improprieties in their surroundings. They usually prefer loneliness and being unsocial.

Figure 2. Star map of the constellation Bear keeper.

Arcturians are loving and kindly inclined beings. Earthlings have promised them allegiance and have seen them as god-figures over the past millennia.

In exchange for the loyalty of these earthlings, these spiritually superior angelic light beings have shaped humanity’s evolutionary path.

They come from the constellation Bear Keeper, from a planet that has not yet been discovered by our astronomers. They harness the energy of their star Arcturus, the third brightest star in the observable night sky, just after Sirius and Canopus.

The one who made known to us this loving and benevolent species of evolved aliens is Edgar Cayce, the most famous psychic clairvoyant being of the 1900s, also known as the “sleeping prophet” for his accurate psychic “readings” of the afterlife and in finding cures for people’s various ailments.

After communicating with the Arcturians telepathically, Edgar Cayce gained valuable knowledge about their origin, nature, goals, and ideology, which he further shared with the rest of the world.

These masters of the galaxy are the most developed life form in existence, having ascended to the 7th dimension because of their spiritual progress, and because of their extraterrestrial mind ability, they completely master space technology.

Although they have the most advanced and beautiful spaceships, they often live inside a spiritual, higher qualitative planet and can freely move between other dimensions. They are healers of this galaxy, with unconditional love forming the essence of their philosophy.

Arcturians are guided by their elders who have the highest level of spiritual awareness. During their lifespan, which is usually between 350 and 400 Earth years, they are constantly improving their spiritual knowledge ability to ascend to even higher levels of existence that far surpass our imagination.

The Arcturians are a highly evolved species of ET’s that take care of the galaxy Milky Way. They have transcended to the 4th, 5th and 7th dimensions and have developed ethereal bodies that can penetrate time and space.

During their lives, they undergo a powerful spiritual journey. They protect Earthlings from other harmful ETs and prepare us for the leap into the 4th and 5th dimensions that comes as a result of a higher quality inner spiritual development, a characteristic ignored by so-called modern, tradition-bound people.

Arcturians are light beings and do not ingest any food like us here on earth. They live of light energy (photon energy) from the sun. They have the most advanced intellect and is the most caring and loving species of ETs.

The Arcturians can be seen as ours evolved selves, since every human being can ascend to these higher states of existence. Because of this, Earthlings are considered proto-Arcturians, meaning we can reach the same arcturic state if we live long enough and go through all the spiritual trials.

They have established a close relationship with the so-called “Ascended Masters” or the Brotherhood of ALL, and they are responsible for helping young species in the galaxy to experiment with unbiased divine connections.

Their technological advances far surpass anything designed by human hands. They have some of the most advanced spaceships where they travel and patrol the galaxy.

Destructive alien species have no chance of causing harm when the Arcturic protectors are nearby, or where their technology (Alkywan Photon-Sphere- Antennas) are installed.

Their spaceship is equipped with a portal that connects all crew members with their star-source Arcturus to be constantly charged with life energy. This is important to be able to maintain their ethereal envelope which they most often use when traveling between galaxies.

Another section of their ship has a digital library that contains data about all the planets in the Milky Way and life forms that populate it.

There is also room on their ships that amplifies their vibration to counteract the earth’s unstable vibration field.

The Arcturians have bases on our planet, especially in secluded mountain areas, but also on the surface of the moon.

From these strategic locations, they conduct important operations in which they revive the energy vortices (energy centers) of the Earth that have become inactive.

Arcturians, through direct contact with some of their star seeds here on Earth, have made it possible for those people who pursue a soul-based growth process, to reach the goal of their intention more quickly. In doing so, they shorten their sufferings and problems that the sleeping, unconscious part of humanity has to face.

The Arcturians express their sympathy for us and are committed to linking us to the divine source of energy from which all our innermost forces come.

These masters of the galaxy maintain order and preach universal love. Due to their position at the top of our galactic hierarchy, they can only intervene in our evolutionary process by providing us with technical aids and giving us telepathic and intuitive guidelines.

For us to be able to change our life more quickly, they have given us the same technological aids that their spaceships are equipped with.

It is up to us to accept or reject their help and steer our life in the right direction.

But we must not forget all the other extraterrestrial species involved in the current and future destinies of the Earth: Pleiadeans, Siriusians, beings from Orion, Andromeda, and others who want to be involved and have their share of what the earthly man has of inner resource to offer them. These extraterrestrial species are higher developed beings. Compared to the earthly civilization, they are more positive, selfless, loving, higher conscious beings.

Arcturians is the only species among these extraterrestrial species that has reached an complete “Soul Consciousness” and demands nothing from man other than to follow the only path that leads to total freedom and independence from anything that can consciously or unconsciously keep man in ignorance of their true identity, their original identity.

Figure 3. 7D Alkywan Photos Chamber for Research, Healing and Communication.

Matrix Innovation in Dalarna, Sweden, is first in the world to establish the first photon Chamber for research and development and has established a direct link to Arcturian Spaceships.

Our purpose and goal is to establish smaller clinics (focus points) in different places in Sweden and the Nordic countries and spread the Alkywan Photon Spheres to be able to help as many awakening and dormant earthly beings as possible, independent on whatever extraterrestrial groups they belong to. This will greatly facilitate these starseeds to succeed in their ascension to higher vibrational realms and levels of consciousness.

Figure 4. Alkywan Photon-Spheres.

//Sandor & Ann-Sofie (Unifier)

Lars Helge Swahn, M.Sc

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