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The Social Contract – its validity

It has certainly not escaped anyone that the virus Covid-19, which is said to be so dangerous that the entire world has classified it as a pandemic, will have major consequences for society and us humans.

When there is a small suspicion of someone being infected, he is hospitalized for observation. A person, who is at hospital for a wound in the finger and at the same time is coughing, will be hospitalized on suspicion of a Corona “infection”. Those people who now die will to a greater extent be documented of having died from Covid-19, also if the person dies of a heart attack or other illness, old age. More people than usual don’t die now according to statistics. The whole pandemic is made up – like a social disease, but of the worst kind.

The result of this scare people into quarantine, especially if they are over 70 years old, and the suspicion among people increases; soon the imputation begins. Exceptional laws apply and people are supposed to obey. Gatherings of people are not allowed and companies go under when contact between people is to be avoided.

This is the situation right now – and the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén says we should “sharpen the seriousness”, i.e. take harder on the rules proclaimed.

What will be the consequences of this?

At the moment, the hospitals are not working for what is intended. Everything is about Corona, so planned operations are canceled, care queues get longer, few people get help. Only urgent cases are dealt with, if however, reluctantly. People die from diseases and complications that are otherwise taken care of by hospitals. Hospitals receive fewer patients at the same time as over-staffing is sent to other hospitals to justify statistics and alarm status. Holidays are canceled. We taxpayers have to pay for it with maximum taxes, prohibitions and restrictions …

Right now the drone community starts, i.e. more people who “work” get paid, but don’t work. The state lends money for salaries, but they have to be repaid by the companies later. Only a few companies get this help. It is important to indebt even more now when there is still time. These loans will not be repaid, because the companies will go bankrupt. If the companies have not gone bankrupt, they will do so in a near future. No private companies will be allowed in the long run and they are now being counteracted as far as possible.

What happens in the extension of this now in the coming year and autumn? Now society gets totally sabotaged in all areas.

Government agencies are adapting their business to covid-19, with many rules limiting people. That which facilitates for Corona patients in other countries (India, China, Russia) is not approved in Sweden like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, colloidal silver, and the Corona killing agent Hydroxychloroquine (malaria drug), etc. Hydroxychloroquine was banned in Sweden (on April 2, 2020) in primary care for Covid-19 patients. Authorities also say that a strong immune system doesn’t help.

Old people are kept confined in solitude. They dare not burden anyone else and for the sake of limiting the “spread of infection”. They fall ill of fear as the immune system is lowered.

Younger students are limited in their learning with diverting, misleading information and now horror information about the “Corona disease”. The students have for a long time been fed with misleading information that explains the behavior that should now be made standard, a robotic-like behavior without any critical thinking, which they were instead encouraged to practice.

The alarming climate propaganda about carbon dioxide as a cause of “global warming” is seriously treacherous, as is the information about Covid-19 and the socially disruptive gears that result.

All humans are to be uniformed like robots and now receive vaccines, which will be full of toxic chemicals; metals like aluminum and mercury, body foreign substances such as various human cells from aborted fetuses, washed red blood cells from sheep, vesicle fluids from calfskins, embryonic fluids from chickens and test pigs, bovine serum, human blood albumin, mice proteins, body invasive virus, arsenic, nanoparticles, tin, sv40, various DNA sequences, etc. Patents are now also available for implants of Nano-chip with the vaccine. The chips are controlled by 5G and can modulate our health. The chip is both a receiver and transmitter with identification. If we are not obedient, we are shut down, we die.

It is about getting people scared and compliant to be as positive as possible to this, so that later all the toxins man has stored up can be activated. These anomalies can be genetically modified foods (GMOs), food additives, herbicides, sugars, poisons, nutrient-poor diets, drug poisoning – where we should not be allowed to eat supplements and maintain a good immune system. Through the air we have also received toxins, various air emissions, particles, chemtrails with aluminum, barium, and now covid-19 (proven). The drinking water is also not clean but contains chlorine and other contaminating particles, drugs with the possibility of mass poisoning via the addition of bacteria, chemicals, etc. All must be connected to the municipal water network. Private Wells are to be banned. A tired, lethargic, powerless human being makes no resistance.

Now before the “power” is turned on for this machinery, there are still things to be done.

Now under the “state of emergency” it is important to lie as much as possible to the people. An important thing is to work for starvation, even in this country Sweden. It is important to ensure that the potatoes and other crops don’t get into the soil. This can be done by ignoring this issue, through indulgence, now that the Poles are not coming and putting the potatoes in the soil, nor should the Swedish people do this. The degree of self-sufficiency must be less than 45%, less than now. Famine must prevail. The state of emergency should ideally last forever – it destroys everything when no one is working with maintaining work. The crisis preparedness is dismantled. Authorities are already preparing for food rationing. If all people go on grants and loans, then society is rapidly liquidated. All this is now done under the cover of “Covid-19”.

5G masts are now being installed everywhere, and by 2021 there will also be 42,000 (you heard right – forty two thousand) 5G satellites in orbit around the earth.

Is it time to press the button? – for “The Sleeping People” as Prime Minister Reinfeldt put it in his book …

OK – let’s press the button …

We are now starting what is projected to kill 95% of the world’s population.

It is important to remember that we citizens pay for the whole lot – with everything it entails, right up to the end.

5G is activated everywhere – now the entire earth’s surface is blanketed with high frequency microwave radiation. There is no escape. We are now microwaved via several different frequency bands 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. All the aluminum, mercury and toxins we have stored up in our bodies now come in handy. A feeling of iron bands appears within minutes in the forehead region. The heart is rushing and anxiety arises immediately. It tingles in the whole body. With mercury and aluminum we become like wandering antennas for this radiation. We try to hide – but there is nowhere to hide. Various things in the body begin to mutate. The immune system has no chance of repairing our tissues or healing our organism to a reasonably healthy state.

Our karmic load also gets more energy, which means that our acquired unresolved situations will maximize their yield. We live out all the problems we have within us. Unresolved issues within family, between friends and within the community are on the edge. Unresolved scenarios between countries are increasing. The food is either poisoned or missing due to cancellation of cultivation. Or as farmers in the United States were encouraged to do – kill their livestock and burn their crops.

On the surface of the earth, people are die like flies – all this is planned. We have a living hell on earth.

The most interesting thing about this is that we have all agreed on this. By indulgence we have agreed to this. We have chosen to swallow all the lies from society about climate, care, what is best for us. We have chosen to focus on the mind – i.e. the opposite of God. We have ourselves to blame for all this.

Keep in mind that all politicians in the Riksdag (Parliament) continue with their decisions – exactly as planned. Dissidents have been removed a long time ago. The elite who sit here are now to a large extent soulless. They have so much ingrained karma that they only function intellectually. They have no soul contact. This political elite is trained to be led by what is called the “Deep State” (1).

The Deep State is made up of a few individuals, so-called advisers, who are still there when Prime Ministers and politicians are replaced worldwide. These members of the deep state dictate everything the politicians have to say and do. It’s all like a Punch and Judy show. There is nothing genuine left – everything is about directing the crowds toward their death, now when the world is to be transformed. This mass psychosis now runs automatically – no criticism is allowed. The dictatorship is now open. From dictating the election results to Parliament, everything is now proclaimed in a purely dictatorial manner, without any higher qualitative thought – and so it is – society must reach the bottom – the absolute dark bottom…

Do you think that society would do anything good for you at all? – anything that would help you in any way at all? Right now everything is motivated by “Covid-19”. There is certainly no higher mortality rate, and here we stand there with our question marks and wonder how everything could turn out like this … now when everything has been started.

Instead, we have to struggle with our survival. All social structures fail. All confidence in everything regarding authorities ceases. We must now very carefully discern who to listen to and believe in. Most people are completely woven into karmic unresolved situations. They only have the mind to listen to. They cannot discern the path they must take – these people will surely die from the planet. This applies to 95% of the population worldwide.

“Georgia Guidestone” tells about the Negative Illuminati’s target society, a dystopian society where only 500 million of the earth’s population is allowed to exist as robotic slaves.

Everything that is good for health and human beings is now banned. The “health care” that is now allowed is surgery and allopathy – where complications are extremely common with extra efforts in the form of aftercare, etc.. health problems. Our health status has only been allowed to deteriorate. No measures are legal that could make our health better, to recover. All spiritual efforts and focus on the soul power has been smeared as much as possible, forbidden and laughed away, as so much else.

Only those people who start listening to their souls will have a chance to escape this chaos that is now waiting. Only they can discern what is good from all other pitch-black darkness.

We will need to rebuild the entire society. We must get rid of everything old. We can thank “The Deep State” for this.

People must be put on detoxification; people have to get the right energy-based treatments that make our internal organs retuned on their original programs. Everything has to be tuned. Our individual karma must be de-programmed. We need clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and clean and unrefined foods to eat. We need to have an environment to live in that is good for us and that helps us in our evolution toward soul consciousness. The soul and the sun must once again have their rightful place in existence. Only then can we have a thriving society, a soul-conscious society, a society that will once again be tuned on the role that planet Earth now has in its cosmic context here in the solar system, in the milky way. The earth should be set to a maximal health status in the universal harmonic interaction.

We will have a society where every individual is free and where the individual taps into the cosmos and executes God’s plan, all of us in unity. This is the only viable path.

We must unlock all prohibitions, conform ourselves to common sense in the guiding the light of the soul – following high ethics and morality.

Esotericism and the attainment of soul consciousness become the basic foundation. Now banned methods such as electropathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, scalar wave therapy and other quackery-classified methods will become standard. These tune the body’s energy. Help will be offered and the doctor will be free and able to choose from the arsenal that is now available to help. The intuition is so strong in the doctor that he knows what to do – the doctor sees with his consciousness, third eye and executes exactly the right treatment. Truly, people can be healthy – but it is required commitment and strong will in the people that are to evolve. The guidance of the soul is now in control and not the intellectual control of darkness.

Soul control leads to everything good, because it is tuned on everything Good.

The mind, through the intellect, leads toward darkness, and the soul has no control. The consciousness and actions here run amok just like a stray dog – problems everywhere.

The UNIFIER has for 30 years offered help to all those people who want to develop their soul consciousness. The UNIFIER, the Soul, God has been counteracted as much as possible by the dark forces on the Earth, through the “Deep State”, through tamed dogs, the politicians, and conformed people by lies that lead to destruction. Man has been completely woven into this pitch-black downward directed darkness. The Deep State has always had the goal of creating obedient mind-controlled, intellectual slaves to do their business. They want to get rid of everyone else, i.e. those who are now going to train for soul consciousness and see what is going on.

Now is the time to listen to our Soul. It makes itself heard when life is the most difficult and toughest.

Burdened by burdens, you sit down and see no solution to anything. A light tone appears in your consciousness. This is the sound stream (kun, shabd) which some call “the white noise”. You follow in the consciousness this sound and associated light that, like a spark, burns down an entire forest, a forest of karmic weave, which is currently gigantic. You have to follow this sound – in the “right meditation”, which leads you out of captivity here on earth. The sound changes as your consciousness is more strongly connected to your Soul, the Spark. From a small whisper the sound becomes louder, and turns into crickets, thunderstorms and drums of incredible force. You purify yourself and you become completely healthy – conformed with the New Healthy Time, which after this chaos will appear on earth.

As it is now, you must understand that there is no democracy in Sweden or the world. The few individuals who govern via “The Deep State” dictate everything and these individuals we humans have not asked for, in any way. Nor do these individuals want us humans anything good at all, nothing at all. They only want to create obedient slaves for their own high pleasure, who will serve them in everything.

“The Deep State” must be exposed and abolished. The whole of Sweden’s government must be removed in its present state, as they only run the errands of the Deep State, their affairs. A new Soul-supervised Government must exist in each country, as there are different types of people living in their own adapted countries.

The Basis of this Soul-Sanctioned Government you can read about here: “Action Plan for Fair Societal Development” (right now, Swedish version only) >>>

Only those people, who work for a higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, can be included in this new coming civilization, the 5th in order.

After death, all other individuals will continue their incarnations on other planets, systems in the cosmos, which can provide the right individual conditions for further development…


Next article will be about the help that we may get – if we want, because that is really a prerequisite!

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