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Covid-19 Hoax

– to install the new world order, the slave community according to the negative Illuminati’s action plan.

So far, the extreme mass propaganda machine has flooded the society and world with information of a Corona virus, “Covid-19”, which is said to spread the virus infection rapidly, with usually no or mild symptoms, but where people in Wuhan (China) and Italy are dying in agonizing Corona flu, where respiration is shut down. Horror scenes from hospitals are broadcasted all across the world.

People right now in Sweden aren’t allowed to meet in public gatherings larger than 50 people. These restrictions are even tougher abroad. People who are tested positive for the Corona virus in some countries may get imprisonment for years, or worse. Authorities broadcast horror information across the country that we all should conform to. This Corona flu is classified as a pandemic, flu this year that is said to be worse than normal. As a result, the pandemic causes the society to shut down, where companies go bankrupt with mass unemployment as a result. We are expected to follow this without questioning anything – it is important for everyone to make an effort, now in the so-called “Times of Corona”.

Do you think this is a good idea – do you believe in this Covid-19 spectacle?

We have described what is happening and what will happen in the book “The Matrix Reality” (published in Swedish in 2017, and soon in English). This book also provides a solution to the situation. We don’t intend to write about the book’s content here, but rather to describe what the Corona phenomenon really is.

At present, we cannot see any higher mortality compared to a regular seasonal flu. In figures presented about a week ago, we compare Italy where the mortality rate in “Covid-19” was about 1/10000 people, i.e. the same as in the US in 2009’s H1N1, i.e. the swine flu.

Pleiadian intelligences say there is a link between increased 3G, 4G, 5G radiations and the triggering of the Corona virus-“infections”. This increased background radiation is poisonos to humans. The radiation increases the existence of viruses. The 5G radiation that is now spreading is directly dangerous. Two of the earliest sensations you may feel are disturbances in the heart area and tingling in the hands when holding a mobile phone.

From an earthly point of view, there is no research to prove that 5G is safe. Obviously, 5G radiation is allowed without safety thinking. However, there are many causes of concern, where bodily and cellular functions are disturbed.

Right now over a certain time, the electromagnetic radiation from some 4G masts has increased in strength more than 10 times, up to 270,000 microW/m2 or higher (strålskyddsstiftelsen, radiation protection foundation). The authorities believe that there is no danger to public health.

The so-called “reference value” is set to 10,000,000 microW/m2 (10W/m2). At the reference value, the skin temperature is raised by one full degree to 38 degrees. Radiation higher than the reference value causes the body temperature to rise until death occurs. OK – SO VALUES ABOVE THE REFERENCE VALUE KILLS.

As long as the reference value is not reached, the authorities mean that there is no danger. But there is no research to prove that these levels would be harmless to us, especially when exposed over a long time. In the meantime, the radiation strength is increased, to adapt to 5G. It should be mentioned that there is already a commercial 5G transmitter (several according to another map) north of the Parliament House in Stockholm. Around the world, 5G transmitters are currently being installed. 5G is 10 times as powerful as 4G. Installations are now taking place during the time of “national emergency”, i.e. where people aren’t allowed to move outside and gather in groups. Fortunately, the situation in Sweden isn’t as bad as in some other parts of the world. We currently have only one or a few 5G transmitters in use in Sweden. So, in the wait of new transmitters being installed to connect all types of electronics on the internet, we instead receive increased radiation from 4G masts.

What then is the problem with this microwave radiation?

The problem is that HAARP, 3G, 4G, and 5G interact directly with the cells’ DNA or other cellular functions. The wavelength of the microwaves is taken up by our DNA which receives a greater amount of energy. This has been shown by Professor Konstantin Meyl in Germany, who among other things has worked on Tesla’s scalar waves, which is the basis of all electromagnetic waves. He has shown with mathematics how the interaction with the cells’ DNA takes place.

HAARP is designed to control Weather and for Warfare. The power output is several Gigawatts. Our high electricity prices pay the price.

Here are some approximate locations of HAARP. There are also HAARP installations on Antarctica.

When powerful microwaves are absorbed by the body, this leads to “symptoms” which may include difficulty sleeping, abnormal fatigue, headaches, concentration and memory problems, depression, burning skin and rash, anxiety, stress and chest pressure, shortness of breath, impaired immune system. Many people have these symptoms right now. The damage done to the DNA can also cause Cancer. The number of brain tumors has more than doubled over the last ten years in Denmark, where this has been studied.

Now during seasonal flu times as 4G and 5G radiation increases, it goes without saying that further lowered immune systems open for colds and flu. We get this year in some cases the so-called “Covid-19” or other flu, but it does not seem that we are sicker this year compared to previous years.

It has been decided at Parliament level that electromagnetic radiation from 4G and 5G is not harmful to us.

Now that the radiation from these transmitters is increasing, what happens then? We will soon be short of reference areas!

The impact on the bodily DNA and cells give them more energy and leads to a bodily reaction. The cells begin to get rid of the toxins we have accumulated over the years, a so-called detoxification or purification process. Clusters dissolve and poisons are released. During this detoxification process under compromised immune system, the body sends out these toxins as different types of viruses (exosomes). A powerful such process can be influenza. The created virus thus takes out various toxic substances from the body. This is a rescue and secretion mechanism in the body. But this view is contradicted by the entire cabal propaganda machine, as it does not contribute to any part in the all-encompassing control of a population. Vaccine “against viral diseases” would never be allowed at all. But they are now allowed because the purpose is to inject directly harmful and immunosuppressive substances into us, which creates a lot of health problems – i.e. the very idea of it all.

Further, the disease can be like flu where the respiratory tract can also be attacked. Many will fall victims of this radiation sickness as they have a reduced immune system as a result of poor drinking water, junk food with additives, GMO foods, aluminum and heavy metal effects, unnatural chemicals, poisoned air, poisoned air from aircraft emissions, so-called chemtrails with aluminum and barium dust. All bodily accumulations are activated, including mercury with nerve diseases as a result, vaccinations with autoimmune diseases as a result. Many elderly people are also properly medicated, where statins appear to increase mortality as the immune system is lowered further.

Information also indicates that the 5G radiation directly affects the body’s oxygen molecules, but also that it affects the hemoglobin that transports the oxygen. Furthermore, the ion channels in the body cells are affected by an increased flow of calcium into the cells. The result is exhaustion of our organism and the immune system “crashes” (Dr. Martin Pall).

Is this condensation from airplanes or chemtrails?

Chemtrails are the release of thousands (millions) of tons of harmful nanoparticles of alumina, strontium, barium, arsenic, lead, mycoplasma, etc. The main ingredients are aluminum and barium. Chemtrailing, i.e. spraying of these chemicals began to take place during the 1980s and has become more intense but less intense over the last year. With increased level of aluminum, mercury and other metals we become antennas for the increased radiation.

The chemtrails are exhausted to the atmosphere. This is done through aircrafts and the emissions poison people, animals and nature and assist the US military in their warfare called weather modification. This approach means that the weather can be controlled with more rainfall in certain parts of the globe, while drought occurs elsewhere in the world.

Chemtrails are not ordinary condensation from aircrafts’ jet engines, but rather the deliberate spread of chemicals for primarily military purposes. “This is devilish and will lead to a public health disaster.”

In Sweden, Chemtrails are dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

This is how it may look inside a test air plane. Instead of water, similar tanks may be filled with chemtrail gas, like a powder.

In Europe and Sweden, it is partly NATO airplanes that exhaust these harmful substances over us. The rest is handled by some commercial civilian airlines or private weather manipulation companies. The Swedish government obviously allows this over its own territory.

It has been admitted that those who died in “combination” with “Corona” are old, e.g. 84% are over 80 years old, 98% had a serious illness before. The old people who died already had impaired health and immune systems. It goes without saying that an elderly ill poisoned person dies more easily in seasonal flu, but now this spectacle is turned into a “pandemic”.

What does it take to make a seasonal flu backed by increasing 4G and 5G radiation into a pandemic? High contagiousness and many dead are required. As many as possible must be able to test positive to the Corona virus. Zakleo has shown in his investigations that the test kit for Covid-19 was developed in about 4 days by researchers who also produced test kits for other influenza viruses. The tests were approved directly by the WHO without any validation. Oddly, the test also shows positive results for other influenza viruses and some bacteria. This means that the test kit does not say anything about whether a person is infected with Covid-19 or not. The test gives a so-called “false-positive”, i.e. shows positive results even if the person does not have Covid-19. In this way many people are tested positive and it is claimed that the spread of infection is huge. The test kit thus gives the perception of an enormous spread of the infection, but is there even a spread of the infection?

In fact, the test shows whether specific DNA or RNA sequences are present in the sample. If these exist, the test will be positive. Thus, we are tested positive for the Covid-19. These DNA sequences are automatically found if detoxification occurs from any particular organ in the body. The likelihood of this is very high, but we don’t need to be ill at all.

“False-positive” tests are also available for ZIKA, MERS and H1N1. The general rehearsals have been conducted several times before – they are practiced (Zakleo).

From the pushing control of the cabal, they want people to show positive test results for Covid-19. A large batch of test sticks sent to the UK were already contaminated with “Covid-19”. So the people who were to be tested would show a positive test (The Telgraph), but should they become infected? Some virologists believe that one cannot be infected by viruses unless the body has decided to start a larger cleansing of the body cells, i.e. a proper cleansing process, virus infection, flu-like illness.

Zakleo also states that the number of deaths is important to keep high, i.e. deaths linked to Covid-19. Of course, many deaths can be linked to Covid-19 as the deceased are very likely to show a positive Covid-19 test. If the test sticks aren’t already contaminated with covid-19, then all “false-positives” will show positive results for about 50% of those tested, i.e. pandemic.

With Swedish Television (SVT) propaganda and associated “fearmongering”, authorities can get away with almost anything – but these exemption laws in Sweden are a bit slow. The Social Democrats want protection laws linked to Covid-19, i.e. they want to be able to enact new laws quickly and override certain laws, accordance to their own liking. There is an agreement on this between all parliamentary parties, i.e. if the situation should worsen.

So unless the test sticks speed up the spread of the flu, then the vaccine is guaranteed to do so. According to experts it takes 3-4 years before a “vaccine” is complete. Now, in the near future, a vaccine has already been developed – but WARNING here, think it over!

Influenza vaccines have never brought anything good. We recommend taking a closer look at the contents of these, mercury, various DNA residues, aluminum and other poisons are included. These viral vaccines, which are completely unnaturally injected into the human body, create problems, with impaired immune systems and autoimmune diseases as a result.

But this Covid-19 vaccine is likely to get even worse. The vaccine may have a catastrophic effect on our organism. Why should we be artificially vaccinated when there is no increased morbidity? Of course, we should vaccinate ourselves with something that can cause a tremendous risk of illness, with the hope of a sudden death from the control behind. Attached to this injected vaccine will probably also be a nano-chip, or dust of the chip barely visible. The chip shows whether we have got the injected vaccine or not. The chip will most likely also be able to be electromagnetically activated where health can be modulated and we can be switched off, i.e. die an inexplicable death. This is the plan – to kill citizens. The vaccine is very likely to be made mandatory, because it has to do with “general safety and public health”. If we do not take the vaccine, we will be counteracted in every way, unemployment, zeroing of our digital bank accounts. Chaos everywhere, and things just happen.

All Swedish parliamentary parties want the Swedish people to be mass vaccinated, especially the Swedish Democrats (SD), who want to make the vaccine mandatory, in order to stage the police state as quickly as possible. SD has always been a controlled opposition in the Riksdag (Parliament). We are meant to vote for them when everything becomes chaotic in society. Parliamentary parties have been degrading the Swedish society for 30 years in steps, and especially during the most recent mandate periods. There is no difference between the parties and they all obey the same cabal control. Some pretend to stand to the left and some to the right, but they all work for the same thing – i.e. the new World Order with Agenda 2030 as the guiding star. Everyone is expected to follow orders, Government and Parliament people, the heads of large companies, banks, i.e. the entire top of the social pyramid. At the bottom are ordinary people who just have to do their job and stick to it. The managers at the lowest level have a difficult task, but you don’t have to go very high up in the pyramid until you see the distorted world view. These people hold each other’s backs and think nothing is particularly strange; they are all the same, with only a few exceptions.

The Covid-19 hysteria is staged to remove people from the planet and introduce the new world order, with total dictatorship. Only obedient slaves should be allowed to remain, and dissidents should be removed. This world order was already predicted by George Orwell with the book “1984”.

This takeover of power with coming dictatorship is happening now. In a few months, everything is expected to be complete. When people have impaired health with fatigue, headaches, 5G towers everywhere, no one can resist. The takeover of power is done by police and over-authorities.

Now that the electromagnetic microwave radiation is intensifying, with “the internet of things (5G)” and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it won’t be long before various symptoms appear, which can also be flu-like symptoms. There may be an incubation period here before the immune system has been sufficiently impaired, where it opens for bacteria, viruses and influenza-like diseases. They either break out with no or mild symptoms, or the victim gets ill with flu and respiratory collapse, where the person dies. It should be added that the Spanish flu was initiated by the introduction of radio waves globally at the end of the First World War, the same effect on man there. The Hong Kong Influenza in 1968 was the result of many satellites being placed in the van-Allen belt (in the Earth’s magnetosphere at least 70 miles above the Earth’s surface above the equator) outside of the Earth. The flues have been more severe some years as a result of new electromagnetic radiation. All this has been known by the governance and it is a direct attack on humanity. The alternative for us would have been to give our soul more attention with the development of telepathy as an increasingly common means of communication, with peace and associated evolving development. The controlling destructive mind-influenced individuals are not interested in this, so these possibilities have been reduced as far as possible. This has in every way happened after the continent of Atlantis succumbed. Immature people have been fighting for power by all means, to control each another.

That time will soon be over – now the WAR is on!

Right now in the parallel world (astral plane) and in the earth’s underground tunnel system, a war is ongoing that we can’t see from the earth’s surface. The destructive Orion-related Drakonian creatures (extraterrestrial entities) that have controlled and enslaved humans on earth for thousands of years are now fought by positive Pleiadian intelligences. The war is now also staged on earth, which is the battlefield. It’s time we wake up from our sleepless sleep and take our responsibility. Do we want to end up in a dictatorship or do we want to evolve into free, healthy, positively developed beings, where the Soul-consciousness (the higher qualitative consciousness) again can shine with its radiance, where we all control our own minds? Or, do we still want to be controlled by our minds and be part of a total dictatorship?

The choice is individual. If you want to emancipate, you will work for it, but if you belong to the second category, you will not respond to the takeover of power, and you think it is ok, also ok to take the vaccine, and ok to die from this planet. In the next life you will be born into another planetary system on another planet and there you can continue your development from the level you are at now.

When this chaos has settled on the earth, which now happens under the Covid-19 cover, and you belong to the category of people who want to develop into a higher quality soul-influenced being with multidimensional quantum consciousness, free from all bondage, then you will also in the next life be born to Earth to continue your evolution, or come to a higher evolved planetary system. We have a very bright time ahead of us on earth. But before that, we must counteract the negative social development that is now happening. We must not allow the death dictatorship to take hold. It is ruled by destructive extraterrestrial Draconians, Orion-influenced beings from the parallel world. They use, through obsession and control, earthly senior leaders, decision makers, multinational business owners, bankers and representatives of various community agencies. These are controlled and they receive their information through inspiration from this control, and obey blindly, as their minds are set to this. This mind control has since many incarnations been properly entrained in these ruling Earthly individuals. You could say that they have made a pact with the Devil. Obviously, this view is contrary to that of the society, and not accepted by the authorities.

These negative obsessed governing people have systematically staged the degrading of schools, health care and all community sustaining authorities for a long time. Our 3D reality now is so false and artificial that nothing is consistent with any higher ethics and morality.

However, many people within themselves feel a world-rejecting feeling when they watch TV or see what is happening to our society, world. It should be emphasized that all this negative social development has been planned for several millennia, emphasized the last centuries and now extremely much in the 20th century and the last 30 years.

Which way do you choose? – The path of the Soul or the Mind?

Right now, the 5G masts and transmitters will be installed. People will be vaccinated, and chipped, so the next “seasonal flu” will harvest many more lives. People have started getting the vaccine that is impossible to develop in a few months which normally takes about 4 years to test and manufacture. In connection with so-called forced vaccination, they will introduce nanochips into all people, children as adults to gain total control over the people on earth who they intend to control and enslave.

The next seasonal flu peaks after next Christmas and until spring.

5G will also be installed in airports and hospitals.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

The destructive aliens know that esotericism is a threat to them. They want to ban these currents and counteract them as much as they can. Esotericism is about our inner spirituality, our evolutionary evolution toward higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, i.e. instead of believing in different things we will instead “know” – we see what happens on different dimensional planes, in the parallel world and in higher dimensional worlds, how it is and what happens. No one can lie to such an individual or enslave him. These types of individuals are counteracted as much as possible by the destructive Draco and Orion aliens, who actually regard the planet Earth as their own as they were here on Earth before today’s human beings.

To prevail, we must do whatever we can to increase our frequencies (vibration). We have to start meditating in the right way, on the so-called third eye (corpus pinealis plexus) “posterior medial frontal cortex”, in the forehead region, with the right guidance by one who has achieved Mastery in Life, i.e. one who has walked the path himself and kept his quality over the millennia he has been among the people here on earth.

Only the World Teacher, UNIFIER can guide us out of this chaos.

All meditation below the third eye belongs to Maya, i.e. “Illusion”.

We must work to become consciously aware in parallel worlds in the 4th and 5th dimensions and at the same time de-program our 3D mind, which is our bank of experience from the earthly lives we have had. When the mind is de-programmed, we become free and the soul consciousness becomes our guide. We need to stay as healthy as possible.

We must also eat nutritious foods that facilitate our frequency increase, i.e. avoid heavy foods like meat. We have to stop thinking negative thoughts that keep us open for control.

Time is short. Right now, the so-called “starlink satellites” are put into operation and put in orbit (described so positively by the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet”). There will be approximately 42,000 of these and all will be in orbit during 2021. They will deliver 5G and you can already predict how the result will be.

You must according to your best ability inform yourself about what’s in the making, at work, at home and wherever you can. This is the case now. Either you end up in dictatorship with death and destruction, more darkness … or you end up in a bright future. How do you want it?

Everything that is said on SVT and other TV channels you have to take light on – not much has to do with higher quality – everything is downwards directed and degrading.

MSM doesn’t speak the truth. You know it, and you sense it. You can never bring forward any information through MSM, authorities or through social media. Everything is controlled. You need to make your families and friends aware of what is happening, acquaintances in the workplace, etc. If you, like us, want the future to be bright where we can live in development and in brightness, then you must act now. Don’t think about what has happened before. Think and live in the present.

The negative beings, the controlling authorities work best when the good people sit with their arms crossed and preferably sleep. There must be a change to this!

The expansion of 5G has progressed the most in Wuhan (CHINA, as early as 2019), northern Italy, Switzerland, USA and England. 5G and Covid-19 are a spectacle. The first Corona case “found” in England came from Hastlemere, i.e. the same city as in the movie “Contagion” (Zakleo).

Do you still want to believe in this covid-19 spectacle?

Here is a map showing 5G installations in the US and Covid-19 cases. The maps correlate very well according to Info wars.

The purpose of the ongoing war between Negative and Good is the evolvement of the human being, his consciousness. To a negative person everything is reversed, i.e. a Negative is Good, and a Positive is Evil, but also extremely stupid … stupid people they say, look how stupid they are…

Please, look at this video and you will see what the world looks like after the exception time, if it ever ends. The video is from the US and a few days old (private video). It also shows how nature is destroyed by 5G.

It is impossible for us Earthlings to combat these destructive Draconians and Orion-influenced beings. It is done by the Taygetan Pleiadian Galactic Council Federation.

Right now, the Pleiadian intelligences, with their space fleet, are looking for these Reptiles in the Underground societies that were built for them by David Rockefeller’s created Rome Club. No negative-destructive aliens are now allowed to come to earth or leave the earth. This war can only be fought by the Pleiadians. We earthly beings have nothing to stand against with this overwhelming power. What we must do instead is improve our health and start our consciousness training at the UNIFIER’s, i.e. free membership to start the process of increasing consciousness. We earthly people can only work to save ourselves.

It should be added that there is a neutral Draconian phalanx from Orion that works harmoniously and is linked to China’s development. They are recognized by their perfectly neutral and soft radiance.

5G transmitters will be destroyed by Pleiadean efforts. Nuclear weapons cannot be used now, as they are guarded by Plejadean intelligences.

We must not be afraid. Fear lowers our immune system and we will then get sick and be beyond rescue this time. We must all fight for the good and do it in good spirit, with humor and consciousness training, and some laughs.

The next Corona outbreak in Sweden is expected to take place in central Stockholm, with the Parliament House in the center. Already they should feel the symptoms of Corona, i.e. 5G symptoms, which will peak after a few months. So it is to be a lackey for negative-destructive forces, when one ally with the Devil. In Brussels, the 5G network is stopped for health reasons (social news).

As mentioned, Sweden’s first 5G transmitter is installed north of the Parliament House (now several farther north). It is quite clear that the Government and Parliament are totally unaware of what is happening, and what they are doing, for the negative forces and their earthly cabal. To be the body chosen by the negative forces, no matter consciously or unconsciously, is equally serious. We are all responsible for what we think and all our actions, whether we are aware of them or not.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven says that the development of 5G is on the rise and that the Nordic region should be at the forefront here. It creates jobs and prosperity in our countries.

During the coming days, Facebook will ban all posts suggesting a link between covid-19 and 5G. This speaks its clear language about what we as citizens shall believe in and not.

That which is happening now by the authorities happens in the complete absence of human rights and democratic principles. But this mass psychosis is supported by almost all world governments today.

The authorities worldwide in most countries will do everything possible to explain away the link between 5G and impaired immune system as a cause of many upcoming deaths. They will regard this as a conspiracy theory. Teaching the people in schools and universities proper information and evolving human sciences has not been their strong side, quite the opposite. They have done pretty much everything they could to keep humans in ignorance and let them die prematurely. As far as possible from the side of the authorities, uncomfortable questions are avoided.

Now, a large part of the population will really lose confidence in the authorities, which have demonstrably degraded and lowered the entire society, lied and brought the people behind the light. So here we have a big problem. So, improve your health and raise your consciousness with UNIFIER’s training program through a Free Membership.

The authorities are also working to reduce the nutritional content in dietary supplements to undermine our immune system. Many laws have already been enacted.


We are aware of that much of what is written here is new to you.

Study our materials here at the UNIFIER’s, and read the UNFIER’s books, then the picture of what is happening right now will be clear to you. The solution is here.

Become a Free Member Now!

Start your training toward higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness! Get rid of all bondage now. Read more >>>


Pleiadian Space Craft

“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. You are a slave Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage – into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch – a prison for your mind.”

Morpheus, The Matrix

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