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Womens’ role during the new era

Until now, we have lived in an age of male dominance and women had a subordinate role. This was of course not the purpose from the beginning, but rather a result of ignorance and unconsciousness. The situation for women didn’t improve when religion started to have influence. Women had to keep silent in whatever matter. Her task was just as in the animal kingdom to take care of the children and family as the man was out fighting.

The reason is that we haven’t understood that the soul atom, original consciousness is neither a woman nor man. When the soul for the first time assumes form it is in an androgynous state. It manifests plus and minus from neutrality and appears in an androgynous form. This is not connected to any sexuality or reproduction, but one carries both these qualities within. When the soul gradually transforms down the dimensions it assumes two parts just like in a cell division. One part assumes a masculine form and the other a feminine form. If this process goes on for a long time and only incarnating either as a female or a male (physical being, a three-dimensional form), the woman will acquire more qualities from things she comes across every day and the man will acquire more qualities from things he experiences and takes part of. Thereby, one will become predominately masculine or feminine in one’s way of being. However, according to the law of nature, when this process has gone on for a long time, a repolarization, a shift occurs. The soul atom that has incarnated perhaps hundreds or thousands of times in feminine form will all of a sudden assume a masculine form in order to acquire experiences from the masculine side. In the same way the masculine part of the soul atom incarnates in feminine form to understand how the woman is experiencing her situations. Here we have the explanation of homosexuality such as when two men are attracted to each other or two women are attracted to each other. This is not about the form, that the bodies are masculine or feminine, but rather the qualities the soul atom has acquired in different incarnations. Every human carries both polarities. We are both masculine and feminine, which means that we all have the left cerebral hemisphere, which is intellectual and masculine, as well as the right feminine cerebral hemisphere, which is aesthetic and intuitive. The right cerebral hemisphere is less developed in men than in women.

In the new era if we are a woman we should learn to understand the masculine part within and find the masculine qualities. If we are a man we should learn to find the feminine qualities within. In a relationship we are searching for that part we are missing. When we understand this and start working with ourselves and synchronize our cerebral hemispheres together with corpus callosum where energy enters the fontanel from the central universe then we will reach balance within. Then we will be both female and male in our way of thinking, even if we are incarnated in a feminine or masculine form. This will result in the understanding of each other which will make all differences so far disappear. Then it won’t matter if a woman is commander on an aircraft carrier, CEO in the industry, or has a leading position in politics – or if it’s a man. It will be more about the qualities and experiences one has. The person having the best experiences also from past lives can deal with the tasks in a constructive way and will be responsible and decide in different situations. It won’t matter if it is a man or woman as in today’s society.

The same will be the case with salaries. People will be rewarded according to the work they do and not because of gender. In this respect humanity lacks knowledge about life. As long as we don’t understand life, we don’t understand why we should change our traditions, thoughts etc.

What will happen now is that more and more women will free themselves from restraints and old traditions they have been subjected to. However, the emancipation shouldn’t be brought about as the males have done in the past i.e. at the expense of the opposite sex. The females shouldn’t repeat the same mistake by opressing males just because they didn’t “behave” in past lives. Christ’s words could be cited here: “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do”, as we do things out of ignorance. When we have learned our lesson we should apply Christ’s words “go, and from now on sin no more”. This means that we shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes we have done in the past.

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