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Unifier, the flow

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Our entire world, civilization is on the threshold of a new age, an age that requires a different thinking and action than what we have been accustomed to so far. Religions, which have been man’s guiding principle during their thousands of years of history, have failed their mission, i.e. with ethical-moral life leading man right in the cosmic evolutionary spiral. ...

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Womens’ role during the new era

Until now, we have lived in an age of male dominance and women had a subordinate role. This was of course not the purpose from the beginning, but rather a result of ignorance and unconsciousness. The situation for women didn’t improve when religion started to have influence. Women had to keep silent in whatever matter. Her task was just as ...

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More teachers than students?

We are living in a time of awakening, which means that we have passed a period of about 26000 years. This has also been confirmed in the Mayan Calendar and similar prophesies. We have finished a period of involution i.e. the exploration of matter, form. We have learned everything that is possible in this three-dimensional material world. Now in the ...

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How to change fate for the better?

Are we humans able to change our fate for the better? Of course we can do it, but in order do so, it’s important that we understand what we should change and why. So far, we’ve been living a life characterized by intellectualism and cramming and the understanding of information of different kinds. However, an intellectual understanding of life isn’t the ...

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What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? Can everyone learn this in their present life? The cosmic meaning of life is the following – that from an unconscious consciousness of life and creation evolve and learn the causal relationship behind life, creation and manifestation and reach omniscience, a higher quality multi-dimensional omniscience…

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Dr. Sandor A. Markus

Dr. Sandor A. Markus is telling about his experience in 1953 that made his consciousness elevate to a higher dimensional level. Today, he is appointed the Spiritual Master Teacher of the New Age that is preparing the marked people that will survive the coming challenges. Such an appointment can only be granted by the predecessors, i.e.  Maharaj Charan Singh Ji ...

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