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I reached a multi-dimensional transcendental state

Sandor A Markus Autobiography (Part 6 of 7)

The start of my mission

Between 1989 – 1991 I reached a multi-dimensional transcendental state, which meant that I got telepathic and intuitive communication with the Luminous Being, who had guided me since our first meeting took place in the Hungarian Great Plains in 1953.

In 1993 my first book was published “From the Barbarian Stage to Super Consciousness” by Caduceus publishing house in Sweden.

The book was regarded as a controversial book, but was sold in 10.000 copies, which was sensational at that time in Sweden with eight million inhabitants.

Later came nine further books.

None of these books were translated into English or any other language.

In 1993 I started my teachings in the Gnostic life sciences, and since then I have taught thousands of people.

The latest years I have devoted time to the completion of the “World Doctrine “, which is the first work that provides a modern interdisciplinary explanation to the mysteries of life.

I have completely reformed the outdated interpretation and the approach of the ancient Gnostics.

I think that Gnosticism as well as other conceptions of the duality in creation must be reconsidered and adapted to the consciousness rising that man and earth are facing in the coming decades.

We can no longer hamper the development by holding on to an outdated paradigm (thought structure).

My interest relating to the Gnostic life science has not been limited to only religion and philosophy. I have spent over 35 years of time looking for a scientific explanation of the relationships between man and hyperspace. I am aware of that man, in order to develop a high quality multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, must be in complete harmony both physically, emotionally and mentally. A mental, emotional and physical health has an important role in man’s cosmic development.

I have also noted that a political or religious solution to man’s present life and society situation is out of the question as long as man hasn’t developed a higher quality quantum consciousness (increased consciousness).

All political decisions are based on man’s three-dimensional consciousness and perception of reality, which means that you do not see the forest for the trees. We use outdated knowledge to solve future situations.

We must increase our consciousness to a higher qualitative level to be able to see the causal connection behind every conceivable situation. Therefore, a higher quality consciousness is a necessity for the survival of the earthly civilization.

A human collaboration above all frontiers, traditions, prejudices, and above all religious and ideological beliefs is the only accessible path to peace and fellowship between individuals, races and nations.

Everything else leads to fragmentation, destructiveness, anarchy and disintegration of society.

I have most of my life studied and done research within religion, mysticism, politics, anthropology and medicine with a special inclination on quantum physics, metaphysics, human sciences and Ayurveda (life science).

These studies and research are based mainly on self-studies, personal experience through intuition and communication with higher-dimensional worlds and intelligences. And today, I can state that the answers to life and the mysteries of the universe are within each one of us.

We are either conscious or unconscious about this.

All this can be explained scientifically.

Everything is science according to the law of the universe until you can prove otherwise.

Man’s attitude towards life and the cosmos, hyperspace will completely change during the 21st century, thanks to the quantum physics, quantum philosophy, quantum theology and quantum medicine.

Quantum Consciousness will bridge the different kinds of ideological and religious beliefs that have dominated human life throughout his involutionary process.

A new earth and a new consciousness will emerge from the ruins of the past. But before that, a great cleansing process will take place on earth.

Major upheavals in the form of natural disasters, epidemics of disease, war and anarchy will hit different parts of the world’s nations and races.

People who hold on to the traditional, the perishable in life and refuses to let go, will find it difficult to keep up with evolution.

You cannot build a new house on an old foundation, while at the same time ensuring its security.

We have to leave the past, all obsolete tradition that binds us and keeps us chained to the ephemeral, the restructurable in life.

We must change our consciousness and our values regarding life, the universe, hyperspace in its entirety.

The Institutional Church must be reformed, restructured if it wants to be the messenger of Christianity.

The New Gnostic Philosophy that we communicate through the World Doctrine must be integrated in the Christian Church if it wants to be a guiding-star to guide humanity out of darkness.

The outdated view so far used within the Institutional Church, must be reassessed.

In 1982, I decided to leave Sweden and move to Denmark.

My interest in further research within anthropology (knowledge of man) brought me to Sri Lanka, India, the Japan and other places. Here I acquired further knowledge within oriental philosophy, medicine, religion, mysticism and more.

For my humanitarian commitment, I was noticed internationally.

In 1984, I was awarded the Pax Mundi Award (World Peace Award) and was appointed Peace Ambassador by the Organization Mondiale de la Press Diplomatique, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In 1991, I was appointed International Man of the Year and Who Who’s Intellectuals in 1991/1992 by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

In 1991, I was awarded an honorary award from the Zoroastrian College, All India Shah Behram Baug Society for Scientific and Educational Research, Mumbai, India.

In 2004, I was appointed for a five year period to Honorary Diplomat & Cultural Attaché within Bioethics for Scandinavia and Hungary by HBTO (Human Bioethics Treaty Organization), Washington D.C. USA.

After 35 years of study and research within interdisciplinary science, I am fully convinced that man on earth can achieve a multi-dimensional quantum consciousness, if given the right education and tools by which man can develop the ability to perceive causality behind every conceivable situation or event.

Such a program is compiled within the CelesteMetoden®.

Beyond Albert Einstein’s well-known space-time dimension exists a so-called eternal dimension, without time factor and rotating matter i.e. holo-motion. This virtual dimension has been called by the physicist David Bohm the implicit order, the folded universe, which represents the universe, the hyperspace central unit, the central computer, the absolute consciousness, super brain, Central Sun, around which revolves in constant motion the entire explicit order, the unfolded (form bound – form manifested) universe with all its galaxies, solar systems and planets.

The speed of light like time is an “illusion”, perception. The only thing that exists is “the perpetual present”.


That we experience that light travels has with our three-dimensional space-time perception to do, i.e. the illusion of our senses. Signals, information and images can be transferred from one dimension to another without delay and disruption, no matter the distance and time between the transmitter and receiver. All communication in the vast universe, hyperspace works on the same principle.

Human thought phenomena are based on the same principle as television and radio waves and communication between cells in the human body, organism. The universe (macrocosm) and the human being (microcosm) are identical. If man comes to know himself then he will know how hyperspace works in its entirety. Man as a bodily being is a microscopic part of the hologram forming the explicit, unfolded part of the manifested order, the universe as a whole.

In my experience, there exists a so-called parallel world i.e. a non-physical four-dimensional subtle astral world and a five-dimensional mental-causal world.

These worlds are as real as our three-dimensional world.

Why we call them parallel worlds is because our senses cannot detect and convert the frequencies of these worlds into our three-dimensional reality, which is our current reality. We must refine our senses in order to record higher frequencies and to experience these worlds as real as our three-dimensional world.



Our three-dimensional physical world is a reflection of the fourth dimension, a projection or manifestation of subtle information.

These three worlds, dimensional worlds together constitute the explicit order, the unfolded universe, the manifested, form-bound universe, hyperspace where earth is only one world.


Beyond the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions is the implicit order, the folded universe, the virtual universe which is called the spiritual world.


This world is the true, undistorted world, without any illusion. This virtual world from the 10th to 6th dimensions is the seat of Christ Consciousness, the Absolute Consciousness behind Creation, Matter, Form which falls within the fifth to third dimensions. This spiritual world is form- and timeless. It is eternal – infinite, unchangeable. It is not manipulable. The implicit order, the folded universe is formless, silent, and is an isolated whole. It is the genuine and spiritual source of all creation and to the creation of all religions and philosophies.

Before man has achieved a higher qualitative multi-dimensional quantum consciousness and can synchronize his brain computer with this virtual implicit order, folded universe, source of creation, so long will man come to have different beliefs and conceptions about the universe, hyperspace in its entirety.

The human brain, brain computer must be in resonance (harmony) with the implicit order, the folded universe, virtual databank in order to understand what Jesus ben Pandira (Jesus of Nazareth), Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak and other spiritual Master Teachers have conveyed to man of earth for thousands of years.


Prior to this, the universal knowledge will be misunderstood, misinterpreted, misused and used as a kind of faith, imagination instead of knowing (science).

In order for a conscious communication to occur between the three-dimensional physical material world and the parallel five-dimensional (mental – causal world), it requires that man integrates his waking-conscious brain function with the non-waking-conscious, subconscious and unconscious part.

Such an integration process is only possible if we consciously activate the “corpus pinealis plexus”, epiphysis, pineal gland, located in the diencephalon (midbrain), which has regressed during our long stay in the sluggish three-dimensional material world.

The epiphysis is also called “pineal gland” and is the seat of the primary atom, seed atom, Soul Atom (Soul), consciousness, and is the command center for human consciousness and thought. The epiphysis is called according to Sanskrit literature “Tisra Til” (third eye) and is the “window towards the universe”. The Pineal gland acts as a link (bridge) between the human three-dimensional physical intellectual consciousness and the five-dimensional intuitive, universal quantum consciousness.

The Soul and Mind have two distinct properties from a qualitative point of view, and they are often confused with each other.


The Soul belongs to the implicit order – the folded, virtual universe and is the source of the Seed-Atom, Soul Atom, Absolute Consciousness.

The Soul is independent of time and space, i.e. is eternal, infinite, unchangeable, and is the Source of the Absolute Consciousness, Christ consciousness.

Therefore, Christianity in its original, undistorted form is the source of all life, all existence.

The Mind belongs to the explicit order, the unfolded universe and is the Source of form, matter, Universal Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness – the consciousness of energy, form, matter, the world of phenomena.

The Mind is time-bound, limited, restructurable and undergoes constant change – restructuring.

Corpus pinealis plexus, epiphysis, is the bridge, the connecting link between the Soul Atom (Soul Consciousness) and the Mind Atom (Mind Consciousness), as illustrated by the ball on top of the Hermes or Caduceus stick, which is also the ancient symbol of medicine.

The Hermes stick shows two serpents (white and black) coiling about each other around the stick. The rod is crowned by a ball having two wings attached to either side of the stick. The white serpent symbolizes the Soul and the black symbolizes the Mind and their influences.

The ball on top of the stick symbolizes the Glandula Pinealis Plexus (Epiphysis), from which the cosmic energy, life force in its threefold nature, plus (+), minus (-) and neutral (0) (Pingala, Ida and Sushumna according to Sanskrit terminology) flows down through the spinal cord canal in the human body, the organism.

These three energy channels (energy flows) in Western medical terminology correspond to the autonomic nervous system ANS, i.e. vegetative (sympathetic and parasympathetic) and the central nervous system CNS, i.e. (brain and spinal cord canal).


The two wings attached to the stick symbolize the two brain hemispheres, i.e. the left (intellectual) hemisphere and the right (intuitive) hemisphere.

The intellectually aware man of today currently uses to a great extent the left so-called logical, mathematical hemisphere and about 17 % consciously of the total brain computer capacity. The right creative hemisphere constitutes about 83 % of the total brain capacity and is used to a lesser extent consciously.

Excessive use of the left, intellectual hemisphere contributes to stress on the vegetative, sympathetic nervous system, and is the main cause of reduced immune defense and increased fear, anxiety, stress and psychosomatic illnesses.

In order to achieve a higher quality transcendental cosmic consciousness and living in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings and avoid organic, emotional and mental dysfunctions, we must remove all the data bugs, computer viruses that are programmed into our subconscious field (cellular memory) and synchronize the waking conscious and unconscious (non-waking conscious) part of our brain.

This allows us to focus our thinking on qualitative goals and control our mental and emotional functionality.

We have within the A.I.C. according to the CelesteMetoden® developed a so-called Cosmic Brain Development Program that gives every individual, regardless of political or religious belief, gender or age, the possibility to deprogram all the computer viruses, data bugs that are stored in our subconscious data field. These viruses constitute the causal relationships behind our problems and sufferings of various kinds.

We need only spend about 30-60 minutes daily on our cosmic brain program to activate the “corpus pinealis plexus”, epiphysis in the forehead region, i.e. withdraw our attention from our five lower below the forehead located consciousness (mind) centers. By focusing in the forehead region, above the eyebrows and thus discharge all negative characteristics from our subconscious databank, we will reach a higher quality multi-dimensional cosmic quantum consciousness.

Only this way we can remove our lower quality thoughts, feelings, qualities, which are stored in the DNA information structure, and which prevent us from achieving the purpose, the goal of our human (cosmic) development.

Five higher and five lower mind (consciousness) centers so-called energy vortexes or “chakras”, control our consciousness.


Initiation with 5 login codes
Absolute Consciousness
Soul communication with the First Source
Zero-Point energy (vacuum energy)

Universal Consciousness
Mind influence over the Soul
Soul communication with the Second Source
Electromagnetic energy (Kinetic Energy)

ATD-Cleansing Program®
Waking consciousness – Intellect
Releasing of negative thoughts and feelings, so-called Computer bugs or viruses from the subconscious field.

The ego’s three lower out of quality information and consciousness centers are connected to the subconscious data field where all of our negative experiences, characteristics are stored. These cause us fear, anxiety, stress, mental, emotional and biochemical (disease-related) problems of various kinds.

The ego’s three intermediate (solar plexus, heart, neck) qualitative information and consciousness centers are connected to the subconscious intermediate qualitative part. Here are our qualitative characteristics stored.

The five lower consciousness centers are exclusively associated with the Mind World, the explicit order, the unfolded universe with its myriads of created forms.

The sixth mind center, consciousness center, i.e. the epiphysis, is the connective link, the bridge between the explicit order, the unfolded, mind related universe and the implicit order, the folded “virtual” (spiritual) universe.

The three lower mind centers (consciousness centers) bind us to matter, the lower quality properties of form and control reproduction, emotional activity and material thinking.

Most of our civilization has its thought activity focused in the three lower quality mind centers, consciousness centers, which we are unaware of. Here we also have our fate characteristics (karma) stored contributing to our present destiny both for good and for bad.

Man as Seed-Atom, Soul Atom, Soul being, spiritually conscious entity is referred to as “he” and not as “she”, which is customary in intellectualism.

The Soul, Soul Atom is a projection of the implicit (unmanifested) order, folded universe, virtual positive primary power, the eternal – infinite energy ocean of information (consciousness), which is called God.

The Mind, intellect designates the explicit order, the unfolded universe, the negative mind power, material power, the Lucifer Power, matter, form, and is known as she.

One must distinguish consciousness from form (housing), i.e. the software from hardware. The human form, housing belongs to the Mind World and is addressed as “SHE”. The Soul, human being, consciousness belongs to the virtual, spiritual world and is addressed as “HE”. These two polarities have nothing with gender division to do. They have to do with the positive and negative qualities of the primary energy.


People whose consciousness are focused in the two lowest mind centers (energy and consciousness centers) below the solar plexus center, are exclusively material, self-centered from an emotional and consciousness point of view.

In the below-described energy centers 1-3, we can find the explanation for lower-quality emotional thinking and desire, which cause violence (war, destructiveness), hatred, vanity, envy, lust for power, lust to criticize, selfishness of various types, i.e. people only thinking about themselves and their material interests, without regard to others.

1. Element Earth

• Security, willingness to live, materiel group-consciousness
• Flight, struggle, defense
• The instinctive reptilian brain reigns
• Instinctive consciousness
• Unconscious consciousness
• Elimination of waste products
• Highest consciousness level of the animals
• Lowest consciousness level of man
• Physical function: adrenal gland, genital glands

2. Element Water

• Physical needs
• Reproduction
• Pleasures
• Creativity
• Sexuality
• Materialism
• Abuse
• Egoism
• Physical function: urinary tract, reproduction organs – sex hormone

3. Element Fire

• Emotional brain
• Power through manipulation
• Need of control over others
• Self control (bad or good)
• The Self, personality
• Care, empathy
• The mirror, the border between the higher and lower cosmic energy levels
• Physical function: stomach, solar plexus, pancreas

When human consciousness is in the three higher i.e. 4-6 consciousness centers, mind centers, and doesn’t descend below the cardia plexus (heart center), then man has begun his evolution, his cosmic evolution towards a higher qualitative level of consciousness. These energy centers influence with the following properties.

4. Element Air

• Compassion
• Unconditional love
• Giving
• Acceptance
• The turning point between the three lower consciousness levels (material security) and the three higher consciousness levels (creative ability, intuitive knowing, spirituality)
• Man turns his attention towards “higher qualitative knowing”
• Physical function: heart, thymus gland

5. Element Ether I

• Creative energy
• Creative ability
• Self-realization
• Communication
• Physical function: neck, thyroid gland – thyroxin, hormone function

6. Element Ether II

• Insight
• Intuitive knowing
• Unselfish thinking and acting
• Direct knowledge from the Soul via intuition
• Controlled consciousness
• Physical function: pituitary gland – melatonin, hormone function


When man’s consciousness, thinking constantly is focused (concentrated) in the epiphysis, then man has reached a five-dimensional cosmic quantum consciousness – a universal consciousness and a complete balance between the Mind, intellect and the Soul, intuition.

People, whose consciousness is focused in the two lowest mind centers (consciousness centers) are entirely materially oriented, self-centered from an emotional and consciousness point of view. Their actions are controlled unconsciously, instinctively and egoistically. Their conceptions, feelings and decisions are still based on what others think. They have hard making their own decisions, and if they do, the results are self-centered and end in themselves.

If such people hold high positions in society, business, politics, religion, etc., the results will be oedipal, nihilistic and destructive, i.e. end in themselves.

Here we find materialists, egotists, power wielders, psychopaths, etc. people who do anything to achieve their purposes even if it is on the expense of others and nature. These people seldom ransack themselves but think that everyone else have these characteristics.

7. Element Ether III

• Reflects the individual’s spiritual/virtual consciousness
• Cause behind creation
• Meaning of life
• Seed Atom, Soul Atom, Soul’s (higher Self) control over the Mind (lower Self)
• Physical function: hypothalamus, pituitary gland, epiphysis, hormone function

However, people who have reached a higher qualitative consciousness from a cosmic point of view and whose consciousness is focused in the four higher energy centers, consciousness centers in the bioelectric body, have begun to develop individuality and universal thinking. They show consideration for their neighbor, serve their fellow beings, help the needy and are not only interested in themselves and their own successes, but help also others to reach success.
In order for man and society to develop for the better and not stagnate in their cosmic (evolutionary) development process, it is important that people spend more time on their inner development and not only focus their consciousness on the exterior, material, the perishable in life.

Increased consciousness gives increased understanding of the laws of the cosmos and its manifestations.

The Epiphysis, Pineal Gland is the instrument used for communication between individuals and dimensions. This communication often happens unconsciously in the normal individual. In more developed intelligences this is done consciously. Concepts like ESP (extra-sensory perception), i.e. supernatural, extra-sensory, do not exist. Everything has its cosmic scientific explanation. What people regard as supernatural, transcendental, or experiences humanity regard as so-called parapsychological phenomena, are related to the limited consciousness in the individual. Therefore, this ability is limited when it comes to interpret unfamiliar phenomena related to other dimensions or planes of existence.

Our cosmic brain program includes a theoretical and a practical part. This allows us to synchronize our waking consciousness and non-waking conscious part of our brain, brain computer’s capabilities and reach complete balance, harmony. Thus our current consciousness level and hence our decisions change.
Only through such an evolutionary process can man at an early stage anticipate the impact of their proposed actions and decisions thus avoid making constant mistakes, which creates new problems.

Through this process, man will be able to control, monitor their lower qualitative feelings and thoughts, and thereby neutralize such characteristics as fear, anxiety, impatience, dissatisfaction, aggressiveness, irritation, disappointment, sadness, vanity, lust for power, greed, hatred, jealousy, selfishness etc.
These characteristics are viruses, computer bugs in the human brain computer program and constitute direct obstacles to happiness, harmony, well-being, development, and a lasting peace between individuals, races and nations.

The current so-called Parliamentary democracy cannot change the world and society for the better, except on the material plane, and then only for the few. This is because the parliamentary democracy is of a nihilistic and oedipal character. It contributes only to a degenerative cosmization process, i.e. to reduced cosmic consciousness, spirituality, and to increased materialism, which eventually leads to total stagnation of man and society. Only through a cosmic dynamic process can man free themselves from the stage of barbarism (killer principle) and achieve a higher qualitative cosmic consciousness and thus peace on earth.

Spirituality is not the same as “religiosity”. Spirituality is a cosmic dynamic process. This process results in a cosmic consciousness. It occurs in every person and has nothing to do with religiosity, sectarianism or idolatry to do.

Spirituality is based on God-realization through self-realization, which at all times has been claimed within Gnosticism.

As we learn to submit to the laws of the cosmos, we become a bigger part of the cosmic power that we call God. This power animates and sustains all forms, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. Thus man becomes one with the creative power, the implicit order, the folded universe, God.

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