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God is transcendental Sound and Light

Sandor A Markus Autobiography (Part 7 of 7)

The word “God” means “Good, Goodness, Universal Love, Total Harmony.”

God is not a person, but a universal virtual power consisting of transcendental Sound and Light, which is omnipresent.

Extraterrestrial spaceship technology

The Transcendental Sound is the essence while Light is the substance in the process of creation.

From the Sound essence is created light when sound sets in constant motion seed-atoms, primary atoms and gives them vibration, oscillation. All of creation is so-called “Trapped Light”.

Matter at different density levels manifest through an interplay of different vibratory patterns that are the inherent (implicit) order of the universe. The transcendental Sound is a carrier of information (data) that dresses in human form, shape and thus becomes a personification of God.

The Soul, the Absolute Original Consciousness, First Source Essence, Central Universe is a spark, a fragment, a drop of this divine energy ocean.

The transcendental Sound is the foundation of all creation referred to in the first chapter in the Gospel of John. “In the beginning was the Word (Sound), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. It was in the beginning with God. Through it all things were made, and without it nothing is made that is”.

The outflow of this Devine Word (Sound) is the original energy, the basic substance of all forms, of all manifestations of the vast cosmos. In Christianity it is called the Holy Spirit.

Before we can understand the creation and nature, and see it as it is and not as we have imagined, then we must get rid of our beliefs. Only then can we see the reality. When the divine breaks through in the human space-time and form-bound consciousness, he becomes part of God’s creative power and wisdom.

Our housings

Everything has its specific oscillation

As human consciousness deepens and widens, he becomes more and more a real image of the cosmic (divine). One should not search for consciousness in any exterior matter outside oneself, but in instead in one’s innermost essence. God’s Word (the Sound) is an integral part of the Mind World that man recreates. The Sound has been down-transformed, projected into the world of life.

When the infinite presence of God, the higher cosmic consciousness breaks through in man’s three-dimensional consciousness, he becomes part of God’s creative power and wisdom. Through self-realization, cosmic consciousness, man obtains a holistic view of creation. His world thus changes and becomes holy or complete.

God’s presence in man and in the world can never be portrayed as it really is. However trustworthy such a model may be, it is always a matter of symbols, metaphors. No human explanation can ever fully reflect reality as it is in itself. It always reflects only our perception of it, our interpretation.

When we leave the mind world

Only then, we are aware of the everythingness and the nothingness – what is and what will be.

A true spiritual master teacher

Only a highly developed Cosmic Master Teacher can explain to us what God is and where we can find Him. Only a highly developed cosmic Master Teacher can show us the way, how we can get out of the maze of illusion and find the right path back to our true home. Only a highly developed cosmic Master Teacher can describe how hyperspace works in its entirety.

Man is a microcosm of the macrocosm, the intersection between the Creator and the Creation, between limitation and the limitless, infinite, eternal.

All strings of reality meet in man.

The Creation

Man is co-creator of this three-dimensional material world and thus has a lot more responsibility than he is aware of at present. We are all actors in the worldly scene where we play our individual role that hides our true identity behind the mask of personality. We are so captivated by the spectacular course of events that we identify fully with our role. We believe the mask, the outer personality, the ego, that it is we! We forget who God is and who we are.

The son, the Father

The essence (core) of the human being is the Soul, which is the drop of the divine ocean of primary energy and consciousness. Therefore, every human being has the key within himself of all knowledge and love that we have described in our literature.

Psychology has only recently begun to discover that the world can change by working with our inner development. But psychologists must first learn the qualitative difference between Mind and Soul, thought and consciousness, intellect and intuition, before they can see the causal roots behind human emotional and mental problems. We must reconnect to the Soul’s inner holds, epiphysis, pineal gland in order for our outer intellect to have meaning and depth in life. This has been described in detail in our compendium (book) “Cosmic Psychology” (the Science of the Soul).

Philosophy, religion, mysticism and science are only different interpretations of the creative processes, that can be correctly understood when man has developed a higher-quality, multi-dimensional quantum consciousness.
A development process related to human consciousness can only be acquired through a cosmic dynamic brain program.

By an addendum to Dr. Albert Einstein’s 4th and 5th space-time dimensions, with the 6th-10th eternity dimensions, I have been able to merge Eastern and Western philosophy, mysticism, religion and science on a joint platform.

This results in a higher quality cosmic consciousness and thus a lasting peace between individuals, races and nations.

This is the only guarantee for the survival of man, the earthly civilization and their development.

On this level everything resonates with everything. Everything is connected and communicates with everything. Nothing is separated. At this level are psychic “mental” phenomena as remote viewing, telepathy (thought transfer) and telekinesis perceived as reality. At this consciousness level takes place all communication with our innermost being, the true real self, man. At this level we experience how everything interacts with everything. All things are mirror images, projections of everything. There is no distinction or separation.

Separation is only experienced on the three-dimensional physical, material plane to which the earth belongs.

On the multidimensional, subjective (quantum) consciousness level we see and perceive causality, the pattern behind everything that happens and is manifested in the four-dimensional astral, subjective, and the three-dimensional, physical, objective world. If we want to understand the cause and causality behind what happens in the three-dimensional physical world, then we must train our brain, our brain computer to an increased five-dimensional consciousness. Only then can we perceive with our mind the recordable reason behind the action.

There is neither beginning nor end to the subjective level of reality, but only cycles, periods and transitions. If we apply this perspective on reincarnation “rebirth”, this indicates that all of our past and future lives theoretically are taking place simultaneously and linked by the five- and four-dimensional fields. Since time is synchronous at this level of reality, the five- and four-dimensional connections extend over time and space. This way some of us can remember fragments of our past lives.

I have through experience found that man in his essence is a Soul-Atom, Seed-Atom, Soul Consciousness belonging to the implicit order – the folded universe. The Soul uses the negative explicit order, the unfolded universe or creation, world of form only as a means of expression. This way man belongs in his primary, original state to the implicit, virtual, unmanifested order. Secondary mind consciousness, physical form, and housings belong to the explicit, manifested order.

One must distinguish between the control program (The Soul), the information or software (Mind), and the tools (hardware) i.e. computer screen, the printer that mediates, manifests the information.

All computers from the simplest to the most sophisticated are copies of man and the universe.

Our operating system

Know thyself and you know the universe

Our International Academy of Life Science, “L’Académie Internationale de Culture Humaine Intégrale, A.I.C. (The International Academy for Total Human Culture), is an umbrella organization with the task to gather both terrestrial and extraterrestrial intelligences on a joint platform.

Within A.I.C. dwells further two organizations.

• The Nordic Gnostic Unity
• The Northern Pontifical Academy

The Nordic Gnostic Unity (NGU) is a preschool for all who seek the meaning of life.

To participate in NGU’s teachings and meetings no membership is required. All regardless of race, national origin, color, sex, political or religious affiliations are welcome to participate and receive information “about a better world to live in”.

When you feel ready to move further in your development and take part of various study materials, you can apply for membership in the A.I.C. comprising seven levels.

Once you’ve covered all seven levels and understand how life, the creation works as a whole, you can apply to become initiated into The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA), which is the highest step within cosmic development and consciousness.

We strive to together to create a world where both terrestrial and extraterrestrial races can live and work together.

We offer a multidimensional knowledge and community that guides every interested to the achievement of a five-dimensional quantum consciousness.

This allows us to contribute to the development of the 5th civilization, which is the successor to our present civilization on Earth.

Through membership of the A.I.C. we contribute to a changed world where love – wisdom is our guiding star.

To conclude my brief biography, I want you to read the following quote:

There was once a very beautiful, graceful swan whose home was the great ocean. At one time he flew from one ocean to another. He descended to earth and landed on the edge of a puddle. Out of the puddle came a frog jumping up and asked the swan who he was. He replied that he was only a simple swan from the Great Ocean. The frog was wondering how big the ocean was and the Swan replied that it was very big. The frog retreated with some jumps and asked if the size of the area now corresponded to the size of the ocean. The swan looked amused at the frog and said that this was not the case, for the ocean was much bigger. The frog jumped even further and asked again if the area now represented the ocean size. The swan said again that the ocean was much bigger. The frog then started calling the swan a liar and deceiver. The ocean could not be bigger than the world in which the frog was living.

Is it not so also with us humans? We call people liars who tell us the truth. These people have a different qualitative consciousness or see life from a different perspective than we do. The lower qualitative part of our ego will not let go. It tells us that we are the best, the wisest and more intelligent than everyone else.

We just want to accept what we see and perceive with our five physical senses. But we forget that inner experiences are the measure of our consciousness level and that these are linked to more subtle mind functions as intuition and telepathy.

It is easy to confuse an instinctive feeling to be intuition.

Once we have refined our five mind functions and further have added intuition and telepathy, only then can we communicate with parallel worlds and intelligences that are as real as we and our own world.

If six persons stay on each balcony in a six story building overlooking the surroundings, then each one will see differently much. The one standing at the ground floor sees only to the forest edge and maybe a little into the woods. The one standing on the top floor also gazes far beyond the forest. Everyone see according to their limited abilities. Therefore, no one can estimate how far a Master Teacher sees but himself or someone standing on the top floor.

However, you can always estimate a teacher’s development by the nature and quality of his teachings.

An old proverb says: “by their fruits you get to know them”.

It’s a big difference between intelligence and cosmic consciousness.

Intelligence is acquired in schools and universities, but wisdom is acquired only through life experience.

There are people who can speak ten languages, but are not able to tell the truth in a single one of them.

Do you feel ready to be part of the development of yourself and others and changing your life and your values?

Start your development by getting a membership of the A.I.C., and learn how you in a safe way can transform with the transcendental sound and light. Following this link (soon active) will give you a free simple short version (LE) of how you can start your training already today.

//Sandor A Markus, 2012-03-13

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