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Preface to The New World Doctrine

The sound and light originate from the Siljan area in Dalarna, Sweden

In 1993, my first book was published in Swedish, under the title “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness“. In 1995, my 2nd book was published as an improved version of the first, under the title “A New Consciousness in a New Time“.

In 1996, 1 year later after the publication of my books in Sweden, the decoding (decryption) of the largest archaeological find, the artefacts ever found in the history of the earth, was carried out. The find was discovered in the USA in New Mexico in 1973.

A secret overlooked department of the NSA (National Security Agency) responsible for extraterrestrial contact and assimilation of technology – took the discovery in their laboratory under the code name “Ancient Arrow”-project.

This secret organization is known as ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization) and the Labyrinth Group.

ACIO and the Labyrinth Group have enjoyed complete anonymity until 1996

Figure 1: The NSA organization’s two secret departments ACIO & Labyrinth group

As mentioned by ACIO, the “Ancient Arrow” project comprises 24 compartments and connecting tunnels carved deep within a large natural rock structure “artificial cave” in a remote ravine in northeastern New Mexico.

The area where this archaeological find (artifacts) was found in the 1970s is located northeast of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, which during the 8th century was inhabited by the Chacoba tribe (Anasazi Indians) long before the whites came and left a lot of archaeological evidence. According to figure 2, the area is crossed by the four modern state borders of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

The most important center of this Native American culture was Chaco Canyon (see figure 3) where brick buildings still exist as villages.

Anasazi Indians originally descended from the star system Sirius A (Kachina) and are ancestors of the Hopi Indians.

In the prophecies of the Hopi people, you can find the same message that the WingMakers (Founders of the Human Race) left behind, and what is described in other prophecies that have been found in different parts of the world.

Figure 2: Hopi land.

These archaeological artefacts were found in an artificial cave system located deep underground. A total of 24 chambers were found there.

Figure 3. Chaco Canyon

Figure 4. The entrance to the cave system where the 24 chambers with artefacts were found.

Inside this large and well-hidden structure were incredible artifacts from a culture of undetermined provenance.

In each of the 24 chambers were found murals, alien technology and coded hieroglyphs.

In the 24th chamber, a data disk was found, which contained over 8,000 pages of material about the universe – hyperspace.

Figure 5. In the 24th chamber, a 6 cm round optic disc was discovered.

According to most accounts, the discovery can be compared to a natural history museum from an extraterrestrial race.

The discovery became known among researchers within ACIO and the Labyrinth Group as ETC.

Extraterrestrial time capsule

According to carbon-14 dating, it has been found that this time capsule, along with other time capsules located on 7 continents, has been deployed by an advanced extraterrestrial group, which visited Earth during the 8th century AD.

However, it was not until 1997 that the coded language used with these artefacts became available to the ACIO.

It was then established that the Time Capsules were designed and built by a future version of humanity that was good at interactive time travel.

They called themselves the “WingMakers”, the Central Race, the “Founders of Humanity”.

Figure 6. The optic disc (“data diskette”), 6 cm in diameter.

One of the researchers from the ACIO was called dr. Andersson and later James Naruda (made up name). He was an expert in logistics and encryption and decoded these artifacts which were given the code name “Ancient Arrow”. Believing that ACIO would never release this material to the public, he decided to leave the ACIO and the Labyrinth Group in December 1997 and revealed this secret to a journalist.

NOTE. It was not that the ACIO would never release this material to the public. It is about the fact that the earthly race is still not mature for this kind of advanced knowledge, philosophy. This even though we at the AIC have made the history of man’s creation more understandable than the story that the WingMakers gave. Yet only a certain per thousand of humanity on earth can understand its true content.

What is revolutionary in this context is that the information that I received from a WingMaker (Light Being) in 1953 on the Hungarian Great Plains (puszta) and which was later presented in my two books “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness” and “A New Consciousness in a New Time“, confirms that what I have written and claimed in my literature is 100% consistent with the material decoded in 1994 by ACIO and the Labyrinth Group.

I basically conveyed the same message that these artifacts (objects of art) contained, but with a simpler description. This boosted my confidence and that I was on the right path, and that I wasn’t imagining things or making things up that I was told many times by people around me, who don’t know anything about life, but would like to appear as knowledgeable.

I have understood that my knowledge and ability to down-transform this material from the WingMakers was due to my previously acquired experiences and the task that I was reminded of on the Hungarian Great Plains by the Light Being (WingMaker) who appeared to me and urged me to leave Hungary and go to Sweden. There I would lay the foundation of a Life Science Center.

I was connected to one of the 7 flow zones that are connected to the 1st flow zone in New Mexico.

Figure 7. The deployment of the 7 time capsules on 7 continents.

These 7 time capsules are activated at different time intervals during the evolution of the earth. Time Capsule #1 was activated in 1996 in connection with the revelation of WingMaker’s (Ancient Arrow) original philosophy, before it was changed by financial interests.

According to the WingMakers (The Central Race), the Creators of Worlds, the 7th time capsule located in Sweden would be activated on July 7, 2023, as the Earth’s vibration would be raised to a higher qualitative level of consciousness. In connection with the earth’s energy and information increase, human consciousness would also be raised within a radius of about 80 km from the location of the time capsule. At the same time, about 100,000 people would be affected by this energy and the information within this radius. Those who are “star seeds” and have awakened or are in the process of awakening, after about 1 year of activation via the 7th time capsule in Dalarna, will be affected by increased scalar (life) energy and information that is successively multiplied.

My task was to prepare the people in Sweden, the Nordic countries and Europe for the New Age, the Golden Age, which is an evolutionary epoch for the successive appearance of the 5th civilization on earth. This is why I have written 12 books as teaching materials.

Those who will be part of the 5th civilization are those who have the sign on their forehead, i.e. those who have opened their sight, their Third Eye in the forehead region.

Figure 8. The order of the 7 time capsules.

Time Capsule no. 1 is in New Mexico and stands for: The philosophy of the Central Race “WingMakers” to our 3D world (Earth) and its reality.

Time capsule no. 7, which is in Sweden in Dalarna, stands for: Implementation, realization of WingMaker’s philosophy.

PS. What “realization” means in its entirety, we do not mention here.

On July 7, 2023, = 7/7/7, a historic event occurred which involved the Earth’s ascension to a higher qualitative level of consciousness (a higher vibrational level).

This occurred for the first time in the many thousand-year history of the earth. This event also brings about the ascension of earthly man to a higher qualitative thought structure, level of consciousness. This higher level of consciousness is discussed in our first book entitled “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness” (Book no. 1 was published in 1993) and results in: “A New Consciousness in a New Time” (Book no. 2 published in 1995).

These two books were published in Sweden 2 years before WingMaker became known.

The event that occurred on June 23, 2023, was also the beginning of the activation of the 7th time capsule, (iQube), which is located within the Siljan ring in Dalarna. Its activation would include a diameter corresponding to 80 km, which will gradually multiply over a 1-year period. This will affect 100,000 people within this circle who are interested in their development and are practicing meditation.

The seven time capsules, which are located on the seven continents of the earth, constitute transformers for the down-transformation of high-frequency scalar energy and information from the 1st Source, the Central Universe, the Central Sun to a three-dimensional level. This is done via the seven galactic flow zones that are in direct connection with the 1st Source, the Central Universe, on one side and with the 7th planetary flow zone on the other.

The 7th planetary (earthly) flow zone is connected to the seven time capsules located on the seven continents via so-called intranet systems, and likewise to the seven energy vortices (chakras) that make up the seven scalar fields of different density in the human etheric (plasmatic) housing and biological form (body).

Figure 9. Earth’s grid connected with the 7 flow zones and man’s 7 Chakra system.

About 377 million years ago, one of the world’s largest known meteorite impacts occurred. The so-called Siljan Ring in Dalarna in Sweden was formed. The Siljan area was at the time on the same latitude as the current equator. The back pressure from the Earth’s interior in connection with the meteorite impact meant that magma eventually rose in the center of the impact. The meteorite, estimated to be about 5 km in diameter, hit the Earth’s surface at a speed of about 11 km per second.

Figure 10. The Siljan Ring is about 50 km in diameter.

The impact caused an explosion whose explosive effect affected the bedrock more than 20 km in depth.

The crater is about 50 kilometers in diameter and is the largest impact site in Europe.

Today, the high mountains that formed after the impact have been eroded away. In the middle, a high plateau can be seen surrounded by a lower ring-shaped depression, and here are the remains of the sediment cover that existed before the impact. The lowest areas have been filled with water and there are now, among other things, Lake Siljan, whose greatest depth is approx. 160 meters, and Lake Orsa.

Sandor Markus, Ph.D., MD (MA)., D.D. Sacred Theology
Ann-Sofie Hammarbäck, B.A., D.D. Sacred Theology
Lars Helge Swahn, M.Sc