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Awakening to a New World in a New Time

Initiation – Are we ready?

When there is an empty feeling deep within us, which we cannot explain; when things that once gave joy now seem to be everyday, boring and worthless; when restlessness falls into our system and we ask questions about things that we have not previously been aware of; when the need within us to look for something essential beyond our present existence becomes a necessity, a passion; when we start looking for something to fill an inexplicable void within us; then exists the exact moment to be initiated in the science of the soul, which gradually leads us to increased consciousness.

That’s when we experience a strange awakening that we find difficult to express. We wake up to another part of ourselves, which is new to us, a spark of light within us. We may or may not be looking for spirituality, but consciously or unconsciously, we are led toward that direction.

What is meant by “spirituality”?

Spirituality is an increased multidimensional consciousness – Quantum consciousness, which only a few people on earth so far have developed, achieved.

Spirituality includes all the qualities that we humans lack within us, in family life, in social life, in worldly life.

Spirituality is the qualitative part of our being, which constantly strives for ethics and morality. Ethics – to think right according to the natural laws, and Morality – to act right toward each other, toward our environment and toward everything created.

The potential for inner growth creates a desire within us and automatically draws us to the way. This strong attraction and a sudden longing is the beginning of our search for Truth. We can learn through books and discussions, but these can only give us an intellectual insight into the true reality. We need more. We need a guide, a teacher, a mentor who shows us the direction so that in the future we will not get lost in the maze of life, as we have done so far.

So the natural question is: where do we go from here when death knocks on the door?

Just as an ill man visits a doctor to get a cure for his affliction, we need a spiritual teacher to cure all ignorance and unconsciousness of our separation from the Creator. But the medicine we need is nothing but the right meditation and the right guidance.

In our search for understanding in life, we take one step at a time until we achieve personal experience.

The understanding comes from the trust in the teacher; this makes us more confident and secure.

It is the same with our approach to spirituality and the Master.

We are first afraid, since the concept we get is unfamiliar and can be perceived as strange. We want to know more and yet we are reluctant to take the first step. Our questions indicate our desire for God realization, but we find it difficult to walk in that direction. But when we understand how we achieve our heart’s desire, our fear is slowly replaced by eagerness. The awakening within us encourages us to find a teacher who can point out the way and guide us.

Someone who shows us the way;
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Without the Way, there is no going.
Without the Truth, there is no knowing.
Without the Life, there is no living.
I am the Way which you must follow,
the Truth which you must believe,
the Life for which you must hope.

Thomas à Kempis, Imitation of Christ

Christ explained, “I am the way.”

Only a living teacher, master teacher has the key to revealing the “Truth” about the way, in order for us to achieve God consciousness through self-realization. Without “knowing”, without personal inner experience, there is no “true faith” or achievement.

Without “life” – meaning “eternal life” or happiness – our liberation, which he calls “life you must hope for”, this is not possible. Emancipation, liberation cannot be achieved without finding the way.

Only a true, soul-initiated, soul-conscious teacher can show the way to those who are tired of following the path of the mind, the intellect. The path of the mind leads sooner or later to mental, emotional and biological (physical) problems of various kinds – to slavery and confinement.

Physically, “biologically”, the master is as human as we all are. But the big difference between us and the Master Teacher lies on the spiritual level. He has already walked and finished the way most of them have begun. He has walked the way of truth and experienced the lasting inner happiness that we are seeking here on earth. The Master Teacher knows from own experience that we must go deep within ourselves and join the Shabd – the Word or Logos, the divine spiritual power that is within us all. Only a God-realized soul can show us the way within us. It cannot be done by a priesthood or church that only follows the path of the mind.

The Master introduces us to the method of achieving God within us, to go within us by exercising the right meditation and connecting our soul to the shabd (inner sound) so that we permanently rid ourselves of the chains of birth and death. We are shown the way of divine realization, which frees us from all worldly attachment. The Master takes us from the darkness to the light and liberates our soul by joining us with the Absolute Ultimate Source of Creation, the Central Sun, the Central Core of the Central Universe. Without the help and guidance of a true Master Teacher, we cannot achieve God Realization, regardless of how many writings we read such as the Bible, the Qur’an, the Talmud, or other holy scriptures.

The effect of a spiritual guide gives emancipation from the mind world and the senses’ external phenomenon where we get stuck and entangled, and instead we achieve spiritual awakening. The Master is the highest among all and includes all. He is the key to all existence; he embodies the entire creation.

// Unifier