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What Is Reality?

The Gnostic – Esoteric science that our “International Academy for Total Human Culture” AIC mediates, shows what we need to do to get into the hidden structure, the so-called spirituality. Many talk about it but so far they haven’t experienced or practiced it in their daily life. Here we learn about how we can go beyond our 3D world, the 10D – 6D world that construct and control our perception of reality.

Therefore, we have developed a guided meditation program that is unique in its kind. We have named the meditation program “Our Soul-based GPS-Navigator” according to the CelesteMethod®. This program leads us beyond our limited 3D world which we regard as our absolute reality.

But our reality is an illusion since it changes as our thoughts change. This is regardless of whether we speak of a collective or individual reality.

We perceive the world within ourselves. Our five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) receive external stimulus and transmit it to the brain where it is decoded to shape our image of the world and reality. Outside of this reality, we experience nothing.


The world “as we know and experience it” is our reactions on external stimuli, impressions. The World “itself” is unknown.

For instance, if my eardrum is damaged, I hear no sound, and the sound does not exist to me. I just experience the outside world to which I am adapted.

Our perception of the world is completely subjective. It says nothing about what happens outside of us. We grasp our own reactions on something that is assumed to be taking place outside of ourselves. But really, does anything really happen out there, anything outside of ourselves?

Politicians, decision makers, religious leaders, etc., think they can change the world, society, life, man. But our 3D world is an external projection of an inner knowledge, knowing, consciousness. If the inner quality changes, it reflects in exterior events, the outer manifestation.

There are many theories about this. Newton’s theory claimed that there is an objective reality; that the world is as we see it, understand it and exists regardless of our own thought or existence.

Einstein later claimed that the experience of reality depends on the relationship between the viewer and the object. In other words, by changing our thought in relation to an object, we see it completely different: space becomes warped, compressed or expanded, and time changes.

Other theories, such as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, are about the interaction between the individual and the world. In other words, the experience of reality is a result of my influence on the world and its influence on me.

The Gnostic science explains that there is no perceptible reality outside of us. It is our senses that create this illusion. The whole world is within us and we feel that we are influenced by the outside since we are created in that way.

If we leave our world, we begin to see how this White Light gives birth to ever newer images of the world within us. Our former world then becomes small and limited.

We see how the White Light determines the way we perceive ourselves and the surroundings, and finally we begin to control this process.

The Gnostic – Esoteric science offers us this opportunity. We begin to understand that the cause of our limited possibilities is within us. If we neutralize our inner characteristics with the properties of the White Light, we will reach the level of perfection and eternity called “The Infinite World” – infinite life and absolute satisfaction.

All this depends on us changing our inner qualities. This is why the Gnostic science aims to show us that by changing ourselves (and doing it in our present lifetime) we begin to transcend this earthly existence through our inner experiences of higher qualitative worlds, dimensions. We continue to live normal lives with our family, children, and society at the same time as our reality changes into a completely different state than before. We will experience happiness and harmony, spirit of community and trust that we so far have only wished for, but never ever experienced in real life.


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  1. Take the opportunity to assimilate this transcending knowledge and start the evolving path towards a higher quality consciousness. This way we will feel better and rid ourselves of negative thoughts and behaviours. We will get into a harmonious state and work togehter for a better planet to live on.

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