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§1 The Academic Foundation L’Académie Internationale De Culture Humaine Intégrale AICThe International Academy for Total Human Culture“, is established with the aim to work for a unification of the world’s cultural, philosophical and scientific forces on a joint platform, and to stimulate cultural and scientific initiatives for the progress and development of man.

§ 2 The Academy is established for an unlimited period of time and is of scientific nature.

§ 3 The Academy has its residence in Stockholm, Sweden,
Address: P.O. Box 217, 795 23 Rättvik, Sweden.

§ 4 The Academy is international, NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), independent, neutral and non-profit.

§ 5 The Academy purpose is to promote culture, education, progress and renewal in mental and physical areas that lead man to a higher qualitative consciousness in society, world.

This is done by the academy providing:

  • Cultural and scientific joint actions. The establishment of consensus through enlightening and education via seminars, online lectures, distance teachings, video conferences, workshops, literature, DVD-films, CD, mp3 etc.
  • Development of philosophical, scientific, cultural relations between different organizations, development- and educational centers in the world.
  • Publication of theses, studies and research according to the Academy regulations.

§ 6 Academy members are divided in the following way:

  • Active member – is a person who actively takes part in the work of the organization, nationally or internationally.
  • Member of honor – is a person who has been granted admittance for some sort of achievement. He/she does not actively take part in the various Academy assignments.

§ 7 Those having the purpose to actively conduct studies in Cultural Ecology with the aim on Life Sciences – Human sciences and want to partake of the academy activities and programs, can apply for a membership in the International Association for Global Human Culture. How to apply is found on the Academy Website.

§ 8 The president in consultation with the vice president and secretary-general suggest admissions of members and appointments of honorary members.

§ 9 If a member (councilor) wishes to resign from the Academy, he/she has to send a written message concerning this intent to the secretariat via recommended letter.

§ 10 Councilors, members of the Academy can bring forward propositions and suggestions or present problems to discuss at the next meeting. The councilor shall then by way of a recommended letter inform the informational-secretary two weeks before the next board meeting. The academy board shall then send to all councilors a notice to attend latest one week before the next board meeting. This message shall also contain the complete agenda of the meeting.

§ 11 Every councilor, member must vote in writing even if the person in question cannot attend the meeting.

§ 12 The International Academy President is the highest authority of the Academy Foundation. The president is chairman in the academy board and highest authority at all meetings. All decisions made by the board have to be approved and signed by the president.

§ 13 The president cannot be removed and only the president may choose the successor.

§ 14 The vice-president assists the president.

§ 15 Furthermore, the vice-president together with the secretary-general have the task to coordinate the national and international activities of the members.

§ 16 The secretary-general together with the president and vice-president have the task to realize the academy goal and vision. The secretary-general together with the vice-president have the task to elect committees for investigations and to solve various problems.

§ 17 The secretary of information has the task to deal with all information activities of the academy together with the secretary of education. The secretary of information is subordinate directly the president and vice-president.

§ 18 Within the Academy no differences are made between human beings. Everybody having a serious strive in line with the academy goal and vision, are welcome to conduct studies within Cultural Ecology. They can all become members of the International Association for Global Human Culture no matter race, skin color or national affiliation.

The Academy is open to all those wanting to work for the sustaining of the human civilization, progress, i.e. its continuing development towards a higher qualitative five-dimensional quantum consciousness.

Posted: 2001-01-22, Updated: 2012-08-01

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