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Unifier, the flow

Artificial Intelligence will enslave mankind even more


The International Academy for Total Human Culture (AIC) warns about the continued development of artificial intelligence (AI) with political motives and military applications before decision makers apply ethical-moral rules. Ethics is about how we think. Morality is about how we act. The so-called “development” of today, is equal with material and technological development, primarily for the development of warfare, which ...

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It is time to reform the Christian Church


Religion should have been man’s guiding star in life but has failed to unite man with his Creator, God or the Christ consciousness within oneself. Instead, religion has created a conception of Christ through a Jesus figure. This has contributed to disintegration, wars and misery among different beliefs and people. The Roman Catholic Church’s and the Lutheran Church’s world view ...

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What Is Reality?


The Gnostic – Esoteric science that our “International Academy for Total Human Culture” AIC mediates, shows what we need to do to get into the hidden structure, the so-called spirituality. Many talk about it but so far they haven’t experienced or practiced it in their daily life. Here we learn about how we can go beyond our 3D world, the ...

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God’s Ambassadors


Since the beginning, many highly developed extraterrestrial beings that we have called saints or mystics have visited our world and lived among us to spread the universal law, so that we could follow the way of ethics and morality instead of degenerating to the animal stage from mental and emotional standpoint. Many times we have heard their sermons that these ...

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The New World Doctrine


People have speculated in different philosophical and religious circles about a New World Teacher’s, Messiah’s appearance or return at the beginning of the 21st century. Some see such a being as a kind of liberator who will set people free from suffering, poverty, famine, financial situations, etc. Others see this being as a prince of peace who is to create ...

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Modern Gnosticism is the Source of the New Age Philosophy and Science


A New Consciousness is a Necessity for the Continuance of the Earthly Civilization This is claimed by Sandor A. Markus (Mark John), author of several books including “From Barbarism to Super Consciousness“, “A New Consciousness in a New Time“, “My Incarnations and Teachings,” “Aliens Are Amongst Us,” in 2015, Amazon UK, US. According to Sandor A. Markus the earthly civilization ...

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Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Time is short

Our entire world, civilization is on the threshold of a new age, an age that requires a different thinking and action than what we have been accustomed to so far. Religions, which have been man’s guiding principle during their thousands of years of history, have failed their mission, i.e. with ethical-moral life leading man right in the cosmic evolutionary spiral. ...

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