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Unifier, the flow

Technological Development – Blessing or Curse?


The image On 20-21 February 1954, an extraterrestrial delegation consisting of scientists from the Pleiadian star system contacted the US administration and the military with President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the lead. The meeting took place at the Holloman Airport in New Mexico. The first extraterrestrial delegation they met was from the Pleiadian star system. The delegation offered a development ...

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Beware of Artificial Intelligence


The Unifier asks for precautions of development of uncontrolled artificial intelligence (AI) with political motives and military applications before decision makers apply ethical moral rules. Ethics is about how we think. Morality is about how we act. Max Tegmark is a Swedish-American Professor of Physics at MIT, “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” in the United States. He recently visited Sweden and ...

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Gnosticism as philosophy and way of life


The image The Greek word “gnosis” means “wisdom” or “insight”. The Gnostics taught that man through the development of consciousness could reach a direct understanding of the hidden dimensions in creation. The Gnostics claimed that they represented the true Christianity that came into expression in Christ’s secret doctrine. They used different techniques that made it possible “to perceive the kingdom ...

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The Nordic Pontificate guards Christ’s Esoteric Doctrine


The Nordic Pontificate is the guardian and administrator of Christ’s Esoteric (inner) Teachings. The International Academy for Total Human Culture (AIC) constitutes the external branch of the NORDIC PONTIFICATE and offers each member a long-term development program, which gradually leads to a higher qualitative cosmic (spiritual) consciousness and ethical-moral living. 1. The AIC’s Development Program consists of approximately 6000 pages ...

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Modern Gnosticism is the Source of the New Age Philosophy and Science


A New Consciousness is a Necessity for the Survival of the Earthly Civilization Gnosticism is the Esoteric Christian Doctrine of the New Age Gnosticism according to the CelesteMethod® is the original, undistorted knowledge, knowing about Christ’s “Esoteric” secret doctrine, which was never communicated, conveyed to humanity in its entirety. The true Christianity, Sun Theology -Gnosticism is based on God-Realization through ...

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The Swedish Church


Choose the Sun instead of the heavily burdened fated cross stuck in the earth. As the head of the Nordic Pontificate, which is the educational institution of “Original Christianity”, the Gnosticism, I have offered cooperation and a reform proposal to the Church of Sweden. The only answer I have received from the Archbishop Antje Jackelén’s secretary is: “In the Church ...

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The Swedish Church is the richest church in the world


The Swedish Lutheran (Protestant) Church is the richest church per capita in the world and has a fortune of about 40 billion SEK. About 6.5 million people born in Sweden pay between 1-2 % of their tax on their annual income or pension to the Swedish Church, although the Swedish Church is separated from the Swedish state since the year ...

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The Christian Church must be Reformed


None of the world religions will remain in the New Age unless they undergo extensive reformation, restructuring of their contents and adapt it to the New Age demands and expectations from an energy and consciousness point of view. Time is short! The Bible (Book of Books), which for about 2000 years has been the human guiding principle in life, has ...

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True Gnosticism is the Source of all Science


Gnosticism has been associated with secret teachings and mysterious people. Gnostic writings are usually written with language formulations that are impossible to understand for an uninitiated person, whose consciousness usually is on only the 3D intellectual level. Gnosticism comes from the SUN THEOLOGY, instituted by Pharaoh Akhenaton in about 1300 BC. We have described this in the book “The World ...

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The Northern Pontifical Academy (NPA)


The Gnostic Christian Church of the First Christians of the Antioch Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate (Apostolically Founded in Loja in Ecuador in 1968), approved by the Ecuadorian Government and registered as a Secret Order in 1975, No. 1725. This Secret Order was registered in Stockholm, Sweden in 1989 -09-15 as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) by the UNIFIER, Sandor A. Markus, under ...

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